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note: entire contents copyright 2003 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump

"The Rocky Horror Show"

reviewed by The Old Grump


directed by Zoe Bradford & Jordie Saucerman
musical director Michael Joseph
choreographer Sally Ashton Forrest
costumes Shirley Carney
lighting Franklin Meissner Jr.
sets Zoe Badford & Bob Grazioso

usherette / magenta - Jennifer Kenneally
usherette / columbia - Karen Cavello
brad majors - Christopher Landis
janet weiss - Sara Spillane
narrator - Mark Rocheteau
riff raff - Kurt Gombar
frank 'n' furter - John King
eddie - Matt Laurenza
dr. scott - Nathan Fogg
rocky - Christian T. Potts
Alice Potenza, Christopher Smith, Suzanne St. Germaine, James A. Valentin, Susan Waterman

This adult musical goes beyond erotica without being dirty. It is definitely not a show for the very young in age, but it is a show for the young in spirit. It is an off beat, off the wall, foot tapping two hours of fun. The music is loud and hard driving. The action is nonstop. Look away for a moment and you will be sure to miss something hilarious. The audience may have been sparse, but it was enthusiastic. With such a fast paced show, and with the entire cast virtually on stage all of the time, singling out someone for special mention is difficult. Here goes.

Sara and Christopher played the young stranded couple who are seeking to use a telephone in this weird home. Both have strong singing voices and gave strong acting performances.

Kurt was another of the big voiced singers

Mark did a good job as the Narrator, even though he giggled at his own dialog at times. We laughed with him.

Okay; for you gals, or guys, the handsome, well-built hunk Christian, was on stage for most of the show in a tiny gold bikini. If I looked that good, I wouldn't mind showing myself off either. Christian is a fine actor with a very good singing voice.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, pro or amateur could have played the transsexual, transvestite, Frank 'N' Furter better than John King. It has gotten to the point where nothing John does on stage surprises, or disappoints me.

You will not walk out of the theatre whistling or humming any of the songs, but you will be happy that you were there to hear them. A few of my favorite numbers were OVER AT FRANKENSTEINS PLACE - SWEET TRANSVESTITE TOUCH-A TOUCH ME, and the show stopping, I'M GOING HOME & SUPER HEROES. The show begins and ends with SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE. The biggest problem with this production is that you didn't want it to end. The audience gave the whole cast a deserving standing ovation.

Sally had both the good and the not so good dancers bouncing around the stage like happy children. Wonderful job.

The set depicted the main room in a gothic mansion. From the stairway, to the balcony, to the fireplace, to the decorations on the fieldstone walls, it was a medieval masterpiece.

The first act flew by. The second did hit a short slow period, but then exploded with joyous singing and dancing. If you want to be transported to another dimension of theatrical pleasure, take in this show before it shuts down. I know I am going to see it again.

One more comment. Alice Potenza tried to skip out without talking to me, but I caught her in the parking lot. This is a small lady in stature, but not in talent, a living doll to go with it.

"The Rocky Horror Show" (14 March - 6 April)
30 Accord Park Drive, NORWELL MA.

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