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The Bride of Frankenstein
Strikes Again!

An Editorial by Larry Stark

Thursday, 20 April --- Did you read the GLOBE today?
On page F7 the GLOBE review calls "The Dying Gaul" --- a show I've said is the best thing I have seen so far this year --- "...a DOA play if there ever was one." Whose opinion here is right? Please: if you see the show, if you have seen it, send a note to me and I'll put it up in our SHORT TAKES section. It's YOUR opinion that really matters here, after all. But if anyone tells me that Anne Marie Donahue's review is a more accurate description of the show than my own, I'll send you a check for the $20 it will have cost you to see the show. I'll reproduce her review: read them both, see the show, and make up your own mind about it.

Critics never get criticized, so I welcome a chance to get some honest feedback from people who actually go to see plays. I have disagreed with Anne Marie's opinions before, but said nothing. She and her mentor and role model Blunderbuss Bill ("li'l willie"*) Marx have the word "Tweedle" embroidered around the backs of their collars and she crawled out of the same cocoon he did. Their opinion-first negativism helped trash the reliability of The Boston PHOENIX so badly that in a survey of theatregoers it finished a distant fourth in a list of places people heard about the show they were seeing --- far behind The Theater Mirror, incidentally. (Details on request).

Now this Deadly Duo is doing the same for the GLOBE, where the position of Arts Editor seems nothing but a sinecure. No one is ever edited there. Their art czar merely hands out licenses to kill to self-absorbed adolescents and takes the afternoons off. That means the only people who take the reviews in the GLOBE seriously anymore are people who never go to the theater to see for themselves. And a lot of them are people with a say about grants and public and private funding for the arts.

Sorry to sound so upset about this. But if you think I sound wounded, how do you think the people who make "The Dying Gaul" come alive before wildly cheering audiences every night feel about it? Go see for yourselves; if you think The Bride of Frankenstein is right, I'll see to it that it won't cost you a cent.

===S. Fangnasty LeGree, esq.
( a k a Anon. )

(*This is a reference not to his stature, but to his ... well, never mind.)

"The Dying Gaul" (till 29 April)
Boston Center for The Arts, 539 Tremont Street, BOSTON

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