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"Children of Eden"

Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump

I saw Children of Eden Saturday night . Here are my thoughts on the show .

As long as our colleges keep developing the , singers , dancers , and actors I saw in this show , the musical theatre will remain healthy . Children of Eden is a difficult show to sing . I don't believe any of the songs in it ever made it to the charts . I also would venture a guess that most , if not all of the college performers in the show had never heard of it before the auditions .

Children of Eden is based on the old testament . The first act ; the garden of Eden . The second act ; the flood .

Father [ Neil Davin ] , a 1972 graduate , begins the show by singing " Let There Be " . Neil has a clear and powerful voice . His portrayal of Father could not have been more believable . Father brings life to Adam and Eve . He wants them to remain children , to amuse and worship him . Young Eve [ Clara Sobotta ] , a cute little bundle of energy , sings " The Spark of Creation " . A big voice from such a petite body . Young Eve , being a spicy child , questions Father at every turn , finally going against his instructions and tastes the fruit from the tree of knowledge . Young Eve is then sent away from the garden . A perplexed Young Adam [ Mark Dancewicz ] joins her , but before he does , his song " A World Without You " A truly moving piece of music , explains his indecision ; stay with Father or go with Eve .

Now banished from the garden , they become parents . Cain and Able . One child is obedient , the other adventurous , which eventually leads to the death of Able .

Father finds out about the murder and makes Cain leave his family , adding a mark of shame to him and all his heirs .

Father and Noah have a comical monalogue to start the second act . This part of the show deals with the flood , and the love of Japheth [ Christopher Totaro ] , a son of Noah to Yonah [ Lauren Gruet ] , a servant girl and a descendant of Cain . Yonah is a lovely looking girl , with another great voice . She sings

" Stranger To The Rain " , a song dedicated to her misfortunes in being a member of Cain . This song is followed by a duet with Japheth And Yonah , " In Whatever Time We Have " . This is to me , a great love song , done to perfection by these two young people .

Mama Noah [ Lorinne Lampert } stops the show with her rendition of " Ain't It Good" . A rousing hand clapping number that allows the audience to be involved with its uplifting melody .

Noah is played by Jonathan Earls . I can't say enough about this student , his voice , acting and bearing on stage are at the professional level . This young man truly impressed me . The finally is a good one . All great musical plays have to have a memorable closing number . " In The Beginning " fits the definition . It is a peaceful yet uplifting song .

The sets and costumes were simple but effective . The costume changes on Adam and Eve at the start , covering their nudity [ body suits ] was tastefully done . The sound of rain during the flood was a plus . The animals paraded down the aisles and onto the stage before entering the ark . Alligators , Elephants , Giraffes , and many more . We now know where Lion King got the idea . The choreography was another of the many highs in the show . The energy and joy the dancers had thrilled me more than once .

To list each actor would be to much for my one finger typing . All I can say to everyone involved ; on stage and off ; thank you for a wonderful evening , you were all magnificent .

"Children of Eden" (11 - 13 April)
219 Tremont Street, BOSTON
1 (617) 824-8000

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