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Puts A Song in Your Heart

Reviewed by Beverly Creasey

BOSTON SINGS BOSTON is a love fest: Three versatile singers (one pianist and one special guest each night) deliver a slew of sassy, sensational songs by local songwriters, cabaret-style, this week and next. Centastage wears its heart on its sleeve and puts its money where its mouth is (if I can shake up a few metaphors in praise of Joe Antoun and company). When theaters are closing left and right, Centastage hangs in there and makes local theater (and song) happen.

And what delightful songs these are (not to mention what delightful performers Melinda Stanford, Chip Phillips and Will McGarrahan are!) Pianist Tim Evans and company belt the heck out of hilarious numbers like Iris Tanner’s [Men should Come With] “Warning Labels”(“Do not mix with beer.”) and Stephen Murray’s naughty “Football Fan” (who follows the “tight end with his backfield in motion”….or classy, old fashioned cabaret songs like Harriet Goldberg’s “Tired of Hearing Love Songs” (“those silk and satin glove songs”). What fabulous rhymes. What cheek! What fun. Centastage has paved Boston’s own Tin Pan Alley.

What a pleasure to hear David Reiffel’s gorgeous, folky “Morning Light” again and Ernie Lijoi’s magnificent, elegantly simple, heartwarming “Chandler Street.” Kathy St. George was the special guest this weekend. What that lady can do with a song! What that lady can do with an entrance!

Next up in the special guest category are Bobbi Carry and Brian DeLorenzo. You have one more weekend to visit Club Café and get your own little bit of heaven.

"Boston Sings Boston" (24 November - 1 December)
Club Cafe, 209 Columbus Avenue, BOSTON, MA
1 (617) 536-5981

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