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"The Beauty Queen of Leenane"

Reviewed by Joe Coyne

A Posted Letter from Connemara about "The Beauty Queen of Leenane"

Master Larrie Starks
The Boston County of Roxbury


Tis to a friend of mine, I'm givin this paper to you for your internety thing of Martin's play, "The Beauty Queen of Leenane", you being the world's authority on play things. You can put on it, the w and the w and the w or you can bury it with the likes of the girl with no lips who died in Norway.

"The Beauty Queen" is in residence at The Holy Trinity Repertory Players place in Providence until it ends, that being on March the 5th, a Sunday, Saint Baldred of Glasgow, I think. It scared the bejesus out of me, seeing me friends and all up there on the stage and the sooner this dark and gothic comedy is over, the sooner we can forget about dealing with the underside of peoples woven together manipulating each other tryin to maintain the status of quos.

Little Freddie Sullivan pretending he was Pato Dooley doing a real good job of it too, drinking his wee tea ponders a job offer from America. Pato is what you say "the romantic interest" of that loony girl, Maureen Folen, living with her Ma up there on the hill. Pato even with his weakness, is as sane as a hinge on the door. Maureen was played by Phyllis Kay. Before the new year, Phyllis, she was, in "Don'tcha Pay! Don'tcha Pay!" a commie story where she did a great wonderful job of acting, didn't she. And here a bit of the touch consumin her, she mixes you up, confusin your thinkin and leavin you wonderin what feckin kind of Beauty Queen do we have here. And nothin personal to Cynthia Strickland who I don't know and she may be a wonderful and a beautiful girl, but in portraying like she did the Ma of the story, she made me think she liked being the cruel, thinkin only of herself all of the time, wantin her porridge and her Complan for to drink. I think the acting people should talk to Strickland and tell her mean is one thing but drippin her urine over the stage is another.

And Martin portrayin us all as feckin eejits wanting to kill our ma or da all in sight of the BVM restin there on the mantel. You'd think Galway was covered with graves awaitin their disinterment by murderin kinfolk, you would. And he so young, comin from London, never livin in Connemara except for summers on the Bay. He's a fevered imagination he has, seein things in me fathers' graves with but a pinch of the truth to tell. Just because 28 other languages are repeatin the stories does not make it the less the biting. Tell he does a powerful story of just tryin to survive there in the lonesome west and get through to the Spring. Lonesome it be, but a fecking site better than Frankie's Limerick, it tis.

And did I mention the boy who plays the crazy Ray Dooley? Well mention him I will. It is a real loony Sean Meehan doin all of Ray's bad habits, except for pickin his nose, which Ray does not do any more, often. When Ray does enter a room, you do feel a bit of the death walkin with him and it has me wonderin too about this Sean boy as well. Ray has a bad tongue and for the life of him can't follow a simple instruction, written on his half brain, read if he could. You would not have arses sitting in the seats if Ray had delivered the envelope to . . , well I don't want to be givin away the story except to say that Boston folks in America can be goin to see, "The Beauty Queen" or "The Lonesome West" or "A Skull in Connemara" (all by Martin) or they could look in the mirror, they could. (not meaning your theatermirror, Larrie)

If the Eustis fella and the Trinity clan can gobble the rights to "Skull", it will be the best of gains for the Sunday wake crowd there in Providence and could win them some pellies.

if you be sendin us some soap and toilet papers, we would be appreciative, as always, and have a Guiness for you.

A friend from Connemara
sent by way of Joe Coyne
to Larrie in America

"The Beauty Queen of Leenane" (till 5 March)
201 Washington Street, PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND

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