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note: entire contents copyright 2005 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump

My Wrap Up

by Bob Guenthner a k a

Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 19:35:32 EST
Subject: My Wrap Up

When I flicked through the pages of my appointment calendar, I realized how seldom I went to the Theatre compared to other years. A few years ago I hit a high of 143 shows, this year only 38. Financial and physical problems slowed me down, but I think the big reason was the shows themselves. Quite a few of the shows I did see, disappointed me. Mis - casting, poor directing, or just plain boring material jumped out at me as I relived the year. The Theatres I go to south of Boston, either scheduled the exact same plays or were doing ones that have been done to death. How many times can you see the same show year after year, and keep it fresh in your mind. From what I see, next year won't be much of an improvement.

The ones I did enjoy, and enjoy them I did, were,

Little Shop of Horrors
Bay Colony in Foxborough
The cast was having so much fun, it rubbed off on the audience.

Company Theatre in Norwell
Great acting to go with great voices.

Beauty and The Beast
Fiddlehead Theatre in Norwood
This was another show that had an excellent cast.

Footlighters in Walpole
A nice change of pace. The acting in this drama pleased me.
Super jobs all around.

Turtle Lane Playhouse in Newton
This version was a definite up grade from the Broadway version.

Dame Edna
Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence
I laughed at her -- him, all the way through it.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Zeiterion in New Bedford A racy adult musical that was extremely well done.

I wish I could make it into greater Boston. From what I read, at least these venues are doing some original works, or at least ones that are not being done over and over.
I am going to venture north to see Kiss of The Spider Woman up to Arlington Friends of the Drama in April. I only wish I lived closer to this place. I have never seen a bad production here.

Bob Guenthner AKA The Old Grump

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