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note: entire contents copyright 2005 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump

"Kiss of The Spider Woman"

Reviewed by Bob Guenthner a k a


book terrence mcnally
music john kander
lyrics fred ebb
stage director / choreographer - lisa antonecchia
music director - mario cruz

CAST Molina - James Fitzpatrick
Valintin - Daniel Rabone
Aurora / Spider Woman - Linda Goetz
Molina's Mother - Dorothy Santos
Warden - Dan Gorgone
Marta - Taryn Face
Esteban - Peter Allen
Marcos - Chris Mack

Prisoner's and Aurora's Men
Brian Brannigan, Tom Lawrence, Charlie Carr, Chip Sheeran, Michael O'Brien, Herve Tennessee/Petion, Bob Pascucci, Jed Alevizos, Crisanto Guardiz.

Every so often I see a show that just plain knocks me for a loop. This show did it. The simple set, the sometimes drab, sometimes colorful costumes, the choreography, the directing, the orchestra, and of course the cast were all splendid.

This is a long show. The one and one half hour first act had my rear end crying for relief, but my eyes and ears were thoroughly entertained. The second act seemed to fly by.

It is a morbid view of a prison in Latin America, filled with cruel deeds, but with enough wry humor to give us a change of pace.

Since I haven't listened to this music in quite a long time, I forgot how lovely some of these songs are. The OBC CD is going into my car today.

Dorothy gave a wonderful performance in the songs, DEAR ONE and YOU COULD NEVER SHAME ME.

This was a perfect role for Linda. She sang, danced, and just plain looked good. Chita herself would have been proud of her.

Dan was appropriately rotten, nice job.

Taryn wasn't on stage very much. When she was, her looks and voice pleased me greatly.

Peter and Chris portrayed the sadistic guards convincingly. It must be difficult for a nice person to act rotten, then again, maybe it's fun.

Daniel did a marvelous job as the Marxist revolutionary. His fine tenor voice was at it's best in the song THE DAY AFTER THAT. With out his strong performance, this show could have been boring.

I saved my biggest rave for last. James Fitzpatrick gave one of the most memorable pieces of acting I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I ask you? How often can you find an actor-singer that is absolutely perfect for a particular part? This is one of those rare times. I wish my poor old body could have made it to the Green Room to tell him this in person. The entire cast was worthy of my compliments, but from this day forward, when ever I hear of this show, I will think about James.

Before closing, Jim Linch his make up work was also special. The cuts and bruises looked quite real, even from the front row.

I can't forget to mention Lisa. The show would not have been good without a good director. The choreography on this small stage presented her with a problem which she solved wonderfully.

"Kiss of The Spider Woman" (8 - 24 April)
22 Academy Street, ARLINGTON MA
1 (781)646-5922

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