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"A Well-Timed Murder"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Welcome to Rocky Barton's Mansion in New York City on October 31, 1934. Meet nine people who may be who they say they are or maybe not. One of them will be murdered but whodunnit? "A Well-Timed Murder" written by Ann Waterman takes place in the middle of the depression but is the opposite of depression. It is a well blended comic murder mystery with tongue in cheek musical numbers of the 1930's with new clue giving lyrics. The audience members are the guests of the wealthy Barton's and they must solve this intriguing puzzle in the latest Whodunnit Murder Mystery Dinner Theater show.

This cleverly done mystery is well directed by Melody Los. The audience must pay strict attention to everything happening during the show. Ann supplies the show with witty lines and song lyrics and good character actor roles. All the guests are introduced by the Barton butler, Winger played by Brian Ottaviano. Winger narrates the show and Brian handles the transitions from scene to scene wonderfully. The patriarch of the Barton family is Rocky played by John Los. Rocky is rewriting his will because he has a terminal illness. John plays the dragoon like role splendidly as Rocky repeats things three times, running rough shod over his family. He keeps them guessing about who will actually get the money in his will.

Rocky's family consists of his long suffering wife of 39 years, Sylvia played by Nancy Pinto who has many funny malapropisms in the show. They include Crocktail, Vulgar for Elgar and my favorite, bidet singer for cabaret singer. She has put up with Rocky's terrible behavior all these years but she reveals a secret twist later on in the show. Rocky's high brow, snobby son, Lawrence is played by Joe Turchetta. He has spent years going to school in Europe, is now a drunkard and is called a lunkhead by his father. Joe handles the drunken role very well and comes through strongly when the revelations are made. Rocky's adopted brother, Reg is played by Brian Lamothe who is clad in a moth eaten sweater. Reg was a pig farmer who lost his farm by foreclosure. His wife, Lena is played by Melody Los. Lena has a deep hidden secret that she thinks will win her the money. But it another secret that might foil her plans. Her sweet but crafty daughter, Laura is played by Karen Tulli. She seems sweet and naive at first but reveals her money grubbing nature later on. They all do a great job as the twists and turns of the show lead them down different paths than they first thought of.

The other two guests at the party are Rocky's gangster crony, Marco played by Steve Bruno and his sexy beautiful date, Sal from Brooklyn played by Laurie Lavallee. They fit these gangster parts to a tee as they argue back and forth. Laurie gets a chance to show off her fantastic singing voice in 615th Street a takeoff on 42nd Street. Everyone's watch had stopped at 6:15 and this is a clue about the time and another hidden secret, too. The dinner selections at the Crowne Plaza consist of Baked Scrod or Stuffed Chicken Breast with mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls and butter and strawberry cheesecake. So for a topnotch mystery dinner show be sure to catch "A Well-Timed Murder" before time runs out.

"A Well-Timed Murder" (23 July - 27 August)
4Crowne Plaza, 801 Greenwich Avenue, WARWICK RI
1(401) 447-7126

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