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"Peter Pan"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Bay Colony Production's current show is the musical version of "Peter Pan". The show is the story of the never-aging boy who transports the 3 Darling children to the world of Neverland with its Pirates, Lost Boys and Indians. Peter Pan faces many adventures, most notably with his nemesis, Captain Hook. Director Michael Hammond casts 61 children, teens and adults in this show and achieves magnificent results from all of them. Combined with musical director, Rob Goldman and choreographer, Dori Bryan expertise, this show becomes a wonderful example of family theatre at its best. For the older audience members, the show brings back many childhood memories of the Mary Martin television version shown every year while the younger members will be enthralled at the magical spell it weaves for them, too. This very talented cast will capture your hearts with their excellent rendition and the thunderous applause and standing ovation are true barometer of all their hard work. Bravo.

Michael does topnotch work with this huge cast, blocking and directing them expertly. His keen eye on detail is apparent throughout the show and his casting of all the roles is splendid, too. Michael is not only an excellent director but a wonderful performer who will be appearing in "Ragtime" in the spring. Rob's orchestra and musical direction is fantastic and the energetic and exuberant songs sound beautiful. Dori not only choreographs the show but appears as the older version of Wendy who reads the story to her son (Eric Rothchild) in the show. Dori's fabulous dances include tangos, tarantellas, waltzes, and many others, executed perfectly by the children and adults who play the Lost Boys, Indians and Pirates. The biggest scene stealer in this show is Dan Kozar who not only plays Captain Hook and Mr. Darling but also made all the costumes, too. His Captain Hook is marvelous as he oozes in and out of the scenes threatening bodily harm to Peter and the boys. Dan leads the pirate band in song and dance in "Pirate Song", "A Princely Scheme" where they do the tango, "Another Princely Scheme" where they do the tarantella, "Mysterious Lady" where he does a Latin dance with Peter Pan disguised as a woman and in "Hook's Waltz" with his men. Dan shines in this role and makes a great curmudgeon come to live in this show. Ray O'Hare is a hoot as his sidekick, Smee who gets thrown about and beaten up constantly. (His wig came off during the show and it was hilarious.) Mike Texieira and Ed Dimarzio handle the technical aspects of the show and Gail Gilman handles the props and heads the large backstage crew needed to fly sets on and off with ease. Peter Pan and the 3 Darling children's flying scenes are superb and are flawlessly done by Flying by Foy.

Kat Aberle who is pretty blond haired girl in real life, plays the role of Peter Pan beautifully. When she is wearing her boyish wig and costume, you won't be able to recognize her. Kat's high energy performance overwhelms the audience and her songs are wonderful, too. From "I've Gotta Crow" to ''Neverland'' to "I'm Flying'' to "Wendy" to ''I Won't Grow Up'', she delivers the goods and captures the role perfectly with her interactions with the whole cast. The Darling children are excellently played by Lori Pasqualino, Tyler Appel and Andrew Purdy. Lori is only a high school junior but possesses a gorgeous singing voice which she uses in "Tender Shepherd'' with the 2 boys and her mother in the show as well as in "I'm Flying'' and the very lovely ballad "Distant Melody'' with Kat and Carol Kingsbury who makes a splendid Mrs. Darling with her pretty voice and wonderful acting skills. Tyler is only a seventh grader and Andrew is only a second grader who can sing and dance with their elders wonderfully. Andrew is as cute as a button, stealing many a scene especially the reprise of "I've Gotta Crow'' where he learns how to crow. Another invigorating performer is Atia DeRosa as Tiger Lily. She doesn't stop dancing during the show in her big dance with the Indians and in ''Ugg- a-Wugg'' with Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and the Indians. Atia and her husband, Dan Gravely recently had a beautiful baby boy who is just turning one year old. (He is as cute as a button and Dan makes sure he carries many photos to prove the point.) Nana, the dog is played by Sami Mandeville and the Crocodile by Edmund Metzold. So for a trip back to the timeless Neverland and the world of Peter Pan, be sure to catch this fabulous show in Foxboro before time runs out.

"Peter Pan" (3 - 12February)
Orpheum Theatre, 1 School Street, FOXBORO MA
1 (508) 543-ARTS

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