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"Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Hendricken High School Arts program current show is the biblical story of Joseph and his 12 sons in the musicalized version, "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Written in 1968 as a 15 minute cantata, this now 90 minute show is high energy from start to finish. Under the direction of Brian Codeiro, musical direction by Ritchie Sylvia and choreography by Teresa Pearson, all the necessary ingredients are to make this one of the best shows of this season, earning the enormous cast a well deserved standing ovation. Bravo.

This show also was dedicated to former alumnus, Tim Ray who passed away last October. The storyline of the show is told by the narrator who interacts with her fellow actors in song. Joseph has prophetic dreams and is the best loved son of his doting father, Jacob who gives him a coat of many colors. His 11 brothers become jealous of his prophecies and his splendid coat that they sell him into slavery in Egypt. There he rises from House slave to become Pharaoh's second in command because of his gift for interpreting dreams. Brian creates many comic moments in this show, combining elements of shtick with pathos to deliver a well rounded show. He has his performers move about the aisles and the two story set with ease as well as up all the aisles, too. He has a good eye for detail and this wonderful show is proof of his prowess as director. The dance numbers are numerous including many styles and are expertly executed and the harmonies taught by Ritchie soar in the show.

The most important part of this show are the two leads. The narrator is played by beautiful Casey Cook who has a fantastic soprano voice which soars in all her numbers. She weaves her way in and out of the singing and dancing numbers with the rest of the cast beautifully. She is a dynamite performer and makes this role her own. Her talented partner in the show is Graham Duff as Joseph. He has a fabulous tenor voice which soars off the charts in the poignant "Close Every Door to Me" or in the softer "Any Dream Will Do". Not only does he possess a great voice, but he is an accomplished dancer when he joins in with the whole cast. His interactions with other characters are handled well and his relationship with Jacob, standing out. You need two strong performers to lead the ensemble but in this case the rest of the cast live up to the high standards set forth by Casey and Graham.

The other 11 brothers have oodles of talent and they also shine in their singing and dancing prowess. The country western song "One More Angel" is sung by Chris Maymon in his lilting tenor voice, the "Benjamin Calypso" is sung by Alex McKhann and the Maurice Chevalier number "Those Canaan Days" is sung by Joseph Fielding with his incredibly powerful, baritone voice. The other brothers are played by Stefano Perti, Ryan Collins, Mike Squittiere, Jerald Kaplan, Jimmy Morgan, Matt Davey, Greg Duffy and Casey Sheehan. The biggest scene stealer in this show is the little boy, Joshua Petteruti who upstages the older kids wonderfully. Jacob is hilariously played by Danny Molloy. Another scene stealer is James Patefield as the Pharaoh who swivels his hips perfectly in "Seven Fat Cow's song. Potiphar is well played by Sean Flahery who obtains many laughs with his portrayal. His slutty, sexy wife is played by Jade Genga who choreographed the Mega Mix number where all the songs are reprised near the end of the show. The very proper butler is played by Devin Bender while the doomed baker is played by Conor O'Rourke. So go, go, go see "Joseph" at Hendricken to lift your spirits during the springtime in RI.

"Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (3 - 6 April)
2615 Warwick Avenue, WARWICK RI
1 (401)739-3450 ext. 172

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