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"Dial M for Murder"

A Review by Tony Annicone

The second show of Ocean State Theatre Company's third season is an intense and gripping "Dial M for Murder" by Frederick Knott. Originally written for the stage, this edge-of-your-seat drama was later made famous by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, who turned it into a cinematic masterpiece. The plot revolves around former tennis player Tony Wendice who married his wife, Margot, for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder. He blackmails a scoundrel he used to know, into killing her for a fee and arranges a brilliant alibi for himself. Unfortunately the murderer gets murdered and the victim survives. But this doesn't stop the husband. He sees his hireling's death as an opportunity to have his wife convicted for the murder of the man who tried to murder her. With a killer dead and a victim in jail, will the police inspector discover the truth? Will the husband be revealed? This murder thriller will keep you spellbound with suspense. Amiee Turner casts this psychological thriller excellently, keeping the audience enthralled all night long.

Amiee blocks the show wonderfully especially the fight scene and the resolution sequence. The timing of the cast is brilliant, too. The stunning set is by Katryne Hecht with gorgeous furniture from Ethan Allen while the 1950's costumes are by Jessie Darrell-Jarbadan. The incredible lighting design by David Sexton which heightens the suspense of the scenes especially the murder scene and the final resolution. Aimee Doherty leads the cast as Margot. She is an Elliot Norton and IRNE Award winning actress from Massachusetts and she makes a stunning debut in RI. Aimee gives the character the needed spunk and backbone to stand up for herself against her attacker and really wants to find out who is behind the plot to frame her as well as find out why someone wanted to kill her. I've reviewed Aimee many times in Massachusetts and last reviewed her as the Witch in "Into the Woods" at Lyric Stage Company last May and she always the delivers the goods in every role I have seen her play. Her rapport with her fellow performers is topnotch, giving the role the depth it needs to entrance the audience all night long. Brava!

Drew Anthony Allen tackles the role of the devious and cunning husband. He is very smarmy and oozes with venom as he plots and plans the demise of his wife to get her money. Bill Mootos plays the role of aspiring American TV writer and supportive boyfriend wonderfully. His dogged determination to find out what really happened is excellently portraryed. Rudy Sanda is absolutely diabolical as the vile con man who tries to kill Margot and the death scene choreography is excellent with the light from the open bedroom door and the French doors illuminating this sequence. The clever man who builds the case of whether Margot is innocent or guilty is played by Brandon Whitehead. He makes Inspector Hubbard into a three dimensional person and not a caricature of a British copper. The Inspector's investigate skills delve through things to its unexpected conclusion. Brandon plays the lower class Inspector perfectly. So for show full of clever twists and turns that will keep you guessing what will happen, be sure to catch "Dial M For Murder" at Ocean State Theatre Company.

"Dial M for Murder" (29 October - 16 November)
@ 1245 Jefferson Boulevard, WARWICK RI

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