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Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The current show at the Granite Theatre is "Cahoots," a comedy about "accidental" and a few intended murders. It brings the problem of big city crime home with a vengeance. Those involved are two couples on the East Side of Manhattan in the 1980's, who though are obsessed with the dangers of urban living, are hardly prepared for the "crime wave" that they bring upon themselves and not from the feared denizens of the mean streets outside their triple locked apartment. Gary Sullivan directs this farcical look at crime and chooses five talented performers to pull it off.

Gary is aided in this task by stage manager, Tai Scavetta who keeps the show moving and has some moments doing some off stage lines. The lights and sound for the show are handled by David LaRocque and the fantastic New York apartment set is by David Jepson. Since the show is a murder mystery with a lot of twists and turns, this review will be about the five characters and not what happens in the show so the ending won't be given away.

Sonny Dufault plays Ken who is an architect and Diane Palmisciano plays his wife, Jan who is an actress. They are having a dinner party at their apartment before they go to a crime prevention meeting that night. Her best friend, Lois, a book publisher is played by Deb Bacewicz who is a Nicole Kidman look alike, and Lois' obnoxious, husband Al who is in advertising is played by Ian Ramsden, are the dinner guests. They all do a wonderful job bringing a manic energy to their roles and keep the audience in suspense as to what will happen next with their madcap antics. The final performer in the show is 22 year old, Tom Steenburg who is a Chris Meloni look alike. He plays a security guard who is dressed up like a cop. Tom adds to the merriment of the evening with all the twists and turns of the show. So for an intriguing evening of suspense in a farcical look at murder in the big city, be sure to catch "Cahoots". (A word of praise to box office manager, Cecilia Santana who cooked the food for the opening night. Her zucchini cake was a delicious way to top off the evening.)

"Cahoots" ( 16 September - 8 October)
1 Granite Street, WESTERLY RI
1 (401) 596-2341

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