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"Communicating Doors"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The Players current show is Alan Ayckbourne's "Communicating Doors", which is an intricate time-traveling comic thriller. A sex specialist from the future stumbles into a murder confession scenario with an addled old man and his business partner when she tries to escape from the hotel room via a closet door, she is transported back in time from 2014. She and two women who were murdered in 1994 and 1974 race back and forth in time trying to rewrite history and prevent their own violent ends. The frantic race begins when Poopay, is hired for an evening at the Regal Hotel by the old man. She exits thru the door and somehow triggers the time machine. Joan Dillenback directs her six talented performers in a series of twists and turns that will keep you guessing as to what happens. She and her hard working stage manager, Lydia Matteson keep the action flowing constantly all night long.

Lisa Hicks plays the role of Poopay, the dominatrix complete with black leather outfit and blonde wig. She is a whirling dervish on the stage, running back and forth between time periods to save these women's lives and her own, too. Stephen Palmer plays the dastardly business partner named Julian. His sinister acting ability comes out in this role. Patricia Luca as Ruella, the second wife, shows off her manic side when she realizes she is about to be murdered that very night and tries to stop it. Rick Braun as the hotel detective is very funny as he questions Poopay in 1994 and Ruella in 1974 when they burst into the hotel rooms. Marlowe Tessmer plays Jessica, the sexy blond first wife. She may be playing a dimwitted blond but she uses her brains when necessary. Jim Brown plays Reece who wants Poopay to witness the confession for him. He plays a 70 year old in 2014 and a 30 year old in 1974 and does a great job as both of them. Saying anymore would ruin the storyline, just go and see this farcical show and enjoy it without straining your brain. So for a fun filled evening about time travel, be sure to catch the entertaining "Communicating Doors". Just call Lydia or email her at to become a member of this theater club.

"Communicating Doors" (18 - 26 March)
Barker Playhouse, 400 Benefit Street, PROVIDENCE RI
1 (401) 273-0590

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