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"Laughter on The 23rd Floor"

Theater review by Cindy Sue

Written by Neil Simon
directed by Sue Nedar
At Footlights Rep

  It?s 1953 and 7 writers are working on the next performance of the Max Prince Show. Outside influences in the news, on the screen and in magazines as well as the zany antics of the staff and Max himself keeps this delightful comedy chugging along nicely.  

Ryan Durkay plays Lucas, the newest member of the staff and our Master of Ceremonies for the activity that takes place over the course of the show. He does a splendid job on both counts.  

Tony Annicone is Val, the head writer. Val?s inability to correctly pronounce a certain swear word which he consistently uses nonetheless, leads to much audience mirth. His line ?kiss my naturalization papers? with resulting gesture got one of the sustained laughs of the evening.  

Milt played by Jeff  Belanger is an over the top fashion maven. He delivers his lines crisply and his actions and reactions to wearing the wrong color suit were priceless.  

Joel Ward is Kenny as close to a straight man as you get in this rollicking comedy. His facial expressions are wonderful.  

Brian the chain-smoking Irishman who is always one Friday away from leaving to be a smashing success in Hollywood is ably portrayed by Roland Dube.

  Vanessa Medeiros plays the sole female writer, Carol. Some of her funniest bits are when her character is about due to deliver a baby although she holds her own throughout the show.  

MJ Connell as Helen the somewhat flustered secretary to Max Prince is very funny. Her reaction to shoes being thrown out the window is priceless.  

Eddie Camara explodes onto the stage as Ira the always tardy hypochondriac member of the team. His energetic portrayal of everything from a stroke to a brain tumor kept the audience in stitches.  

Chris Mac as Max Price is wonderful. He skillfully portrays the myriad facets of this character and delivers at each emotional level.  

The ensemble works together brilliantly, snappy one-liners and ?takes? makes the evening fly by. Sue Nedar has done an excellent job with pacing and character. She has assembled a wonderful cast. Diane Durand handles the job of Stage Manager with ease and skill. Jenny and Luz Fleming are flawless as the stage crew, quiet and efficient.  

Don?t miss your chance to relive those ?days of yore? remember, laughter is the best medicine and you?ll get a full dose at this show.

"Laughter on The 23rd Floor" (24 January - 1 February)
@ The Grange, 65 Milford Road, SWANSEA MA

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