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by Sean Michael Welch
directed by John Edward O’Brien

Odysseus … Sean Barney
Oral Stenographer … Irene Daly
Nestor … Tony Dangerfield
Menelaus … Antoine A. Gagnon
Agamemnon … Lonnie McAdoo
Todd Harper … Jason Myatt

In the past year I’ve attended three skits set in ancient times that drew upon modern-day anachronisms for their humor and they were amusing enough, thanks to their brevity; Sean Michael Welch’s full-length THE TROJAN WHORE, where Agamemnon’s political adviser Todd puts his own media spin on the Trojan War, makes for a long evening in both senses. Rather than send-up a well-known myth, Mr. Welch has gone by the book with little tweaking; aside from the visual gag of jungle-fatigue togas, the comedy is talky and uninspired and, as directed, uncertain if it be silly or dark --- to Mr. Welch’s credit, there’s not a cell-phone in sight.

Two seasons ago I attended Mr. Welch’s double-bill TRY NOT TO STEP ON THE NAKED MAN, and THE LAST ADVENTURE OF LANCE ADVENTURE; in the latter, Lonnie McAdoo made a ripe comic-book villain in a business suit and brings the same rascally qualities and rich theatrical voice to the befuddled Agamemnon. Jason Myatt’s Todd aims for cleverness with a “C” but, bereft of clever material, comes off as hyper, instead; Sean Barney makes an amusing dogface out of Odysseus and Antoine A. Gagnon contributes a sleepy Menelaus, which is understandable. Irene Daly is one of Boston’s more fascinating comediennes: handsome yet comely, she mock-declaims well as Todd’s stenographer (she is later rechristened “Homer”) and for all her directness remains firmly in period (how would she fare in Restoration Comedy?). Tony Dangerfield is his low-key, competent self as Nestor; I have often seen Mr. Dangerfield treading water, onstage, and would like to have him tossed into something deeper to see if he can sink or swim --- if not a toss, then at least a push.

"The Trojan Whore" (1 - 16 April)
Devanaughn Theatre, 791 Tremont Street, BOSTON, MA
1 (617)240-6317

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