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"Story" Theater at Zeistgeist

Reviewed by Beverly Creasey

We’d all like to think we’re a far cry from the days when City Councilwoman Louise Day Hicks led protest after protest against school busing. In reality it was only a couple of years ago when Patricia Smith was fired from the Globe for “embroidering” on a story….while a white reporter who did the same got a slap on the wrist. And we’d all like to forget that Charles Stuart almost got away with murder by claiming a Black man had shot his pregnant, white wife.

Zeitgeist Stage Company is presenting a first rate production of Tracey Scott Wilson’s take on the Stuart murder and the recent case of the N.Y. Times reporter who was fabricating wholesale. Wilson’s play is called “The Story” because it’s what every reporter dreams about: the headliner that will grab everyone’s attention and make a career. Where would Woodward and Bernstein be without Watergate?

Nydia Calon is a bundle of nerves as the hyper, ambitious African American reporter who follows a “hot” lead (which may or may not be true) and finds herself centerstage. Michelle Dowd gives a powerful portrayal of the newswoman who has come up the hard way and doesn’t much approve of the young upstart. Keedar Whittle, too, turns in a sly performance as her rival, all too eager to undermine her efforts. Miller’s ensemble is a pleasure to watch, from Yvonne Murphy’s no nonsense detective, to Kortney Adams’ tabloid shark, to Caryn Andrea Lindsey’s weeping widow.

Miller seems to have the knack of finding edgy, avant garde scripts that crackle under his deft direction. If that weren’t enough, he’s an elegant scenic designer, too. Witness his newsprint set with stories from all over covering every inch of the set as if they were characters in the play. And they are. Stranger than fiction.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Zeitgeist tears up the stage yet again with another provocative script.

"The Story" (2 - 24 September)
Boston Center for The Arts, 539 Tremont Street, BOSTON

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