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Nano, Nano

Reviewed by Beverly Creasey

Muhammed Ali used to demonstrate the speed of his famous jab by asking, “Do you want to see it?” A nanosecond later, he’d ask “Wanna see it again?” Nanoparticles are a little like that. So how do you demonstrate what can’t be seen? With jugglers, of course! Tom Stoppard used jugglers to illustrate Wittgenstein’s theory about the limitations of language in his play, JUMPERS. So it should come as no surprise---well, maybe a little susprise--- that jugglers have taken up residence at the Museum of Science. Their next performance is Sunday June 28th with shows at 1:00 and 3:30 pm. Then check their website for dates this summer.

Carol Lynn Alpert’s THE AMAZING NANO BROTHERS JUGGLING SHOW was conceived (in collaboration with juggler/comedians Dan Foley and Joel Harris) to teach audiences painlessly about nanotechnology. Her clever script has a prologue, three acts and a finale, all of which fit into forty thrilling minutes. Kids will love the shenanigans and adults will come away knowing exactly what makes up DNA ---and how a scanning probe microscope works---and it won’t hurt a bit. In fact, you’ll leave the museum feeling better, since laughter is, as they say, the best medicine.

Foley and Harris can juggle tennis rackets, baseball bats, birdbaths and house plants AND they can execute these breathtaking feats while atop unicycles! They’re deft comedians who can charm the little ones and impress their parents equally. My only disappointment is that they didn’t, like their distant cousins THE FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS, juggle a cat.

"The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show" (28 March - 4 September)
@ Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, BOSTON MA
1 (617)723-2500

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