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"Who Shot Santa?"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Theatre Company's latest show is a holiday alternative to "Christmas Carol", called "Who Shot Santa?". Written by producer/director, Donna Adamonis and Chuck Escobedo, the action of this murder mystery comedy/dinner theater show takes place at the Christmas party for Temptress Corporation. The 11 performers play their parts very well and keep you guessing what happened till the close of this lighthearted entertaining different show for the holiday season.

Donna incorporates the stories of their character's backgrounds to be told to the audience during the dinner. A monologue is delivered by each of the characters and it is up to the audience to solve the mystery at the party. The all you can eat, excellent dinner is prepared by David Charella. The delicious selections include salad, macaroni, oven roasted potatoes, beef with mushrooms in brown gravy and a melt in your mouth, chicken marsala. The dessert brownies are made by Vera Parrillo and they disappeared very quickly from the plates. Donna also served lemonade, punch and coffee to quench your thirst.

Since the show is a murder mystery type of presentation, the outcome can't be revealed, so a desription of the characters and their roles will have to suffice. The interactions between actors and audience are well done by all. The Scrooge-like cheapskate, president of Temptress, Duke is played by veteran actor, Ron Pelletier. He tells the people not to eat too much and fires them if they talk back to him. Ron plays mean, very well. Duke has been married 5 times and #4 and # 5 are both there. Minnie played by Pam Rose is his ex-secretary who has been fooling around with a slutty Santa played by Al Viera who makes his stage debut in this role. (An interactive show is the most difficult to play and Al and the whole cast did it with ease.) The other trampy wife, Tessy is played by Amy Watkins who struts around telling everyone about Minnie and Santa. Their bratty daughter, Veronica, is played with great energy by Jillian Rotondo who is so spoiled, you'd like to take her over your knee and give her a well deserved spanking.Good job!

Joe Carlone as Merl, the CEO and Deb Condit as his wife, Diana are hilarious as they go from table to table, staying in character throughout. Deb leads the dances from the Chicken dance to the Macerena to the very funny, YMCA done by some of the men in the audience. Some of the others include D.J. Darlin Dottie, who is played by Jessica Rooney and Jerry, the roving reporter from the local newspaper who aspires to write for the Enquirer, and is played by Sean Bumpus. (Both teens do well in their roles.) Another teen performer is Jessica Roch who plays Caroline, the poor cousin of Veronica. Jessica not only acts in the show but sings, "The Christmas Song" beautifully which earns her a thunderous ovation. The comical security guard is played by 20 year old Andrew Cox. He delivers his lengthy and wordy monologue with the right punch to it. Great job cast.

So for a delicious dinner, a fun filled evening with Santa giving some of the audience gifts, a talented cast entertaining you with a cheerful play, "Who Shot Santa" is the show for you!

"Who Shot Santa?" (1 - 15 December)
One Harris Street, COVENTRY, RI
1 (401) 827-0091

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