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"Witness for The Prosecution"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

It is London in 1954, a murder has been committed, it is up to the audience to solve it in Agatha Christie's, "Witness for the Prosecution". Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater uses this script and fashions it into their format where the members of the audience have to find the clues why the crime was committed. Director Ann Waterman and her 11 member cast do an excellent interpretation of this script especially in the explosive cross examination sequences. This takes place while you are enjoying a mouth watering meal, too

Since the show is presented in a murder mystery format, I can't give away happens but I can describe the characters. Fern Rouleau plays Romaine Vole, the mysterious, German wife who defends her husband on the stand or does she? Fern does an outstanding job in this scene stealing role while keeping the audience guessing to the very end what her true motives are. The accent is perfect for the part, too. Playing her much younger husband, Leonard Vole, is Brian Boruta. He plays the sympathetic role wonderfully and keeps you wondering what his true motives really are.

The team of lawyers who believe in his innocence are John Los as Sir Wilfred, the barrister( defense attorney) who handles massive amounts of dialogue in this show very well andBob Levetin as Mayhew, the solicitor (his fellow attorney) with a good British accent has a great comic scenes with John. The stuffy, rigid clerk, Carter is played by Niles Welch who interacts very well with the audience as does Sir Wilfred's secretary, Greta played by pretty, brunette, Christine Anatone. They keep things moving along as does Terry Babers as Prosecutor Myers. Both his and John's cross examinations are wonderful to listen to. The funniest character in this show is Stephen Oliveira as Inspector Hearne who adlibs some of the funniest quips around while remaining in character at all times. Using a wonderful Scottish accent in her role as the victim's housekeeper, Janet MacKenzie is Alisha Martin. Her strong testimony about Vole's seedy behavior are excellent. Jasmine Malley as the judge in the show runs a tight ship by keeping the battling lawyers and the defendant and everyone in court well behaved. Meggan Presbrey uses her lovely voice as the Emcee of the show singing the Whodunnit song and also does a good job as the baliff especially when she forces the audience to rise when the judge enters the courtroom. Eleven talented performers make this a good courtroom drama.

So for a fun night out to see who really did it, be sure to catch, "Witness For The Prosecution". You will enjoy a delicious dinner of salad, rolls, your choice of beef, fish, chicken or vegetarian lasagne, dessesrt and coffee to cap off the evenings festivities.

"Witness for The Prosecution" (till 27 July)
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Greenwich Avenue, WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND
The Riviera, Metacom Avenue, BRISTOL, RHODE ISLAND
1 (401)580-1668

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