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"What Happened in Boston, Willie"

entire contents copyright 2001 by Robert Guenthner

"The Odd Couple-female version"

Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump

Sally Wright (Flo / Felix), Marie Minardi ( / Oscar), Maureen Marinelli, Susan Mulrey, Edna Moroz, Veronica Page, Doug Spezzano, David Leo

Sorry to say, the playbills were not ready the night I saw the show. Since the acoustics at this theater are not the greatest, combine that with my old hearing, and some of the dialog was not there for me. The only character name I could pick up on was Flo aka Felix in the male version. I was told this was Marie's first try at acting. She did a commendable job, although a bit hesitant in her delivery at times. As the show goes on, I have no doubts she will relax and be more natural.

The story takes place in marie's kitchen and living room. The girls are playing Trivial Pursuit at the kitchen table. When a group of friends get together to play any type of game the results are always the same, arguments and snide remarks. The girls are all believable, speaking in a clear and crisp fashion. Of course marie's food leaves something to be desired. The sandwiches are called light and dark, the insides are a guess. The refrigerator is broken, warm drinks and warm cold cuts, great feast.

Sally shows up after breaking up with her husband. She moves in with Marie. Sally is a clean freak. For a day or so, the living arrangement is fine, but the compulsive cleanliness gets on Sallys more relaxed nature. Enter two Spanish gentlemen, David and Doug. David is new to me, but I had seen the handsome Doug in Funny Girl. David has the majority of the lines, less in number but not in quality were Dougs.

An argument develops between Sally and Marie. Sally moves out, happily moving in with the guys who adore her. The one actor who stood out was Sally. Her movements [ quick little steps ], combined with her emotional voice and delivery was truly enjoyable. She convinced me she was Flo.

I had seen Veronica Page as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. Super voice and performance in that one. In this show she plays a less than smart, heavy smoking lady who ends up pregnant. She has some funny lines , and also displays her anger at nonsmokers who nag her.

All in all it was a fun evening. I wish I had a playbill so I could break the cast down, but that is part of regional theater. It isn't always perfect, but more often than not it is good fun

I can't leave out the directing of Keith Grasette, very well done. The remaining dates are 17-18-19 at 8:00 and 20 3:00 Riverside Theatre Works
French's Opers House
45 Fairmount Ave
Hyde Park
617 361 7024

"The Odd Couple-female version" (17 - 20 May)
5 French's Opers House, 45 Fairmount Avenue, HYDE PARK
1 (617) 361 7024

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