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"That's Entertainment"

Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump

This weekend Heart to Heart Productions of Taunton put on a revue dedicated to the Hollywood Musicals. Thats Entertainment was the title, and it described what happened at Coyle and Cassidy High School in Taunton. A cast of 43 stole my heart. From the tiniest child to the adults , they performed their numbers with talent and honest enthusiasm. The show had tributes to Fred Astair, Judy Garland and Rodgers and Hamerstein. Over 50; well over 50 of our favorite tunes were done. With such a large group, [ my only complaint is the playbill ] singling out some of them for praise was a difficult chore. I know I am leaving out some very deserving entertainers.

Tiffany Simas, A 16 year old from New Bedford sang " Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas " and " Shall We Dance ". Tiffany is such a pretty little thing, with a voice that could belt, then would soften when it was needed in the song. She impressed me .

Karen White leading " All That Jazz " was great. The chorus and Karen rivaled Broadway with there rendition of this number.

Liann Heywood was saved for the second act. " Anything Goes " " Blow Gabriel Blow " and " The Trolley Song " were her solos. Liann has that big Broadway voice and smile. Why she is still a local girl is beyond me, She belongs on the big stage.

Elysia Pereira does not look, dance or sing like a 14 year old. Her dance routines, while the guys were singing a tribute to Astair, had me thumbing through the Playbill to find her name. She didn't receive Playbill credit for her dancing in the tribute, but she was soooooo good. I have to add, she is a living doll.

Rachel Jo Goldricks big number was " Take Back Your Mink ". The number highlighted the first act for me. Rachel and the chorus girls had me shaking my head in wonder.

The songs " you'll Never Walk Alone " and " Climb Every Mountain " Are obligatory when you do Rodgers and Hammerstein. I sort of groaned and moaned to myself when the music started. I am sorry to say, I didn't get this girls name. What a voice! From the low to the high notes this girl had a clear as a bell powerful voice. The songs sounded new to me listening to her renditions. Please forgive my inability to get your name. The lobby was so crowded it took all I could do to talk to just a few of the cast.

Jocelyn Rose doing " You Made Me Love You " showed another big strong voice.

Kristen Farrell; A blonde beauty that has it all. Voice, dance, looks and stage presence. Her solos included " Some People ", " Everythings Coming Up Roses " " I've Got rhythm " and " Mr. Monotony ". She also sang lead in several other production numbers, as well as dancing in the chorus. Kristen just graduated this year from Coyle And Cassidy with national honors. If I tried to list all of the shows she has been in as well as all of her personal appearances, my poor finger would be worn out from typing. She is a gorgeous girl in every sense of the word. I am so happy I was able to get her autograph and take a picture of her. Some day in the near future I will be able to say " I knew her when ". I also met her father, mother and younger sister. Wow ! This man has cornered the market on beautiful blondes.

Rachel Savage cannot be left out. " Your Just In Love " with Matt Heywood was more than good.

Sarah Murphy-Katz did another great job in her duet with Phil Bettencourt, " People Will Say Were In Love ".

There were guys in the show. I just enjoyed looking and listening to the girls.

Jay Sparling: " If I Loved You "a solo, and " All I need Is The Girl " with Elysia Pereira was another of the many fine jobs done in the show.

Matthew Heywood showed a good voice, dancing ability and enthusiasm in every song he was in.

Phillip Bettencourt is a young veteran in the Taunton area. A strong true voice, with the ability to dance and just plain be good on stage. A few of his songs included " Steppin Out With My Baby ", " Easter Parade ", " Babes In Arms " and a " Beautiful Girl Dream Melody ". Phillip is a multi-talented person. An ex cellent student, and an accomplished organist and keyboard player He is serious about his stage work and it shows.

Amy Grajales did the choreography. She had the entire cast looking like the chorus girls and boys in a big time show. Since it is beyond my ability to remember where I parked my car, it put a strain on my mind to think of her teaching all those steps required in this show. She must be something else.

Eric Larivee. Producer, Director, Musical Director and founder of Heart To Heart. I cannot list everything this man has done in the field of music. New York had him for awhile, their loss. Eric is a young man who has squeezed a lifetime of credits in just a few short years. He played the keyboard, and managed to bring down the house with his rendition of " Theres No Business Like Show Business ". A remarkable voice to go with the rest of his many talents.

I have to mention the evening wear. The girls looked like they were in a fashion show. I couldn't get over the lovely gowns, and how quickly the girls were able to change and get back on stage. Over all this was a memorable night for me, congratulations to all.

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