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"The Curse of Frankenstein"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The current show at City Nights Dinner Theatre is "The Curse Of Frankenstein". It is a clever comedy based on the old Frankenstein tale. Director/producer Doug Macaskill infuses the show with many slapstick moments to give things a new twist. He chooses 14 talented actors to pull it off, leaving an appreciative audience in stiches during the performance as well as constructing a gorgeous Victorian drawing room set to keep the show in 19th century time frame.

The mad scientist, Victor Frankenstein is played by Jonathaon Schemerhorn. He plays the role to the hilt showing the character's descent into madness. His not too, bright best friend, Henry is played by Jay Miscia. They hunt the graves for the body parts but both actors bring much humor to their roles, too. The mad doctor's two creations are the funniest part of the evening. The first one is called Milo and is played by 5 foot actor, Armand DeCosta. He is hilarious in the role and his clever scars are applied expertly by Joe Gilmore who also costumes the show, making magnificent Victorian gowns for the women. Armand threatens the other actors who tower over him and delivers his comic lines wonderfully. He also does a great pratfall when the door hits him in the face. The other creature is played by Brad Pitt look alike, David Melton. His first appearence covered in bandages is stunning as you wait for the ugly monster to be revealed and the joke is he is not what the audience expects. David does a great job as the swain who steals Victor's girlfriend away from him. He also handles the physical comedy fights with Jon and Jay while wrapped up in the white bandages. One of the biggest scene stealers in the show besides the two creatures is 12 year old Doug Booth who plays the mischievous Little William. He has killed a cat and he hides his dead pet rat in the clock. Doug makes the most of his stage time with good comic timing and strong line delivery. another funny scene takes place between the downstairs and the upstairs maids who fight over the attentions of the police inspector. Wendy Ramirez and Leah Montalbano play these two maids with the right amount of sexiness and Wendy's fright at the sight of Milo is hysterical especially when she almost pukes every time she looks at him.

Veteran actor, Sonny Dufault plays the Inspector Klaus Webber who acts like Inspector Clouseau. He stumbles and bumbles his way around the stage, causing three accidents at the same time. Sonny handles his role with ease and has a great accent, too. The daffy mother of Victor is played by Andrea Whitney who can't control Little William and can't keep track of the time either. Krista Iacono plays the sexy, beautiful Elizabeth who is engaged to the mad doctor. She has great chemistry with both Jon and David as her suitors and delivers her comic lines perfectly. Her cousin, Justine is played by Sharon Glazier who ends up falling in love with the new inspector, Rolf played by Dan Thibeault. Both of them play well across from each other and Sharon has some good scenes with Jay, too. Rounding out this zany cast are two veteran actors playing mother and son. Ruth Waterman does a great job as the constantly drinking, flirting, dotty mother of the local priest played by Norm Hassinger (who lost 60 pounds and looks great) who has a funny drinking scene while revealing info about the grave robbers.

So for a new twist on an old story, be sure to catch this show. The acting is wonderful and the description of a lot of the action is omitted in the review because I don't want to give away all of Frankenstein's secrets. The chef, Brian Condron, also prepares boneless chicken breast with garlic herb butter served with penne carbonnara and green beans as well as garden salad, rolls and butter, coffee or tea and assorted pastries for dessert including cream puffs, swiss rolls and minature cheese filled squares.

"The Curse of Frankenstein" ( 25 October - 9 November)
27 Exchange Street, PAWTUCKET, RI
1 (401)723-6060

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