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"Social Security"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The latest show at the Granite Theatre is the hilarious comedy, "Social Security". David and Barbara Kahn are wealthy art dealers whose world is turned upside down by the arrival of her snooty sister, Trudy, her uptight CPA husband, Martin and her pain in the ass, Jewish mother, Sophie. The mother moves in and falls in love with an elderly artist. Director Ruth Kalatucka keeps the show moving at a fast pace, making her performers deliver their humorous one liners wonderfully, showing how a well written comic gem of a play should be performed.

Real life married couple, David and Beth Jepson play David and Barbara Kahn. They deliver nonstop laughter with their perfect comic performances, showing their ease with their roles. Both David and Beth do some of their best work in this show. David is also set designer, builder and artistic director of the Granite Theatre. The opulent living room set complete with a marble bar is fantastic as is the art work by David Black. (I absolutely loved his Ernest Hemingway portrait.)

Deb McGowen plays Trudy and Geoff Leatham plays Martin. They do a wonderful job portraying this obnoxious, overbearing couple who are worried that their daughter is having too much sex at college and they must put a stop to it. This way they can dump the demanding, Sophie off with Barabara and David. Deb, a veteran actress plays her role with ease while Geoff who returns to the stage after a long hiatus handles his role as if he never left it at all. They both have loud annoying laughs which kept cracking the audience up.

Vita Smith as Sophie enters her first scene using a walker and gets many chuckles, but she receives gales of laughter when she strips to her underwear. A longtime veteran performer, Vita knows how to milk the crowd. Her transformation during the show is great to behold and she ties up all the loose ends to bring the show to its hilarious conclusion. Her beau in this show is played by Harold Ashton. His character, Maurice Koenig falls in love with Sophie and he adds to the charm of this scene. First time stage manager, Judy Staelens keeps things running smoothly both onstage and backstage while her husband, Albert, known as Skeeter, runs the lights and sound for the show.

So for a humorous evening of theatre, be sure to go see, "Social Security", before the tickets are all sold out. Be sure to tell them Tony sent you.

"Social Security" (till 25 August)
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