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entire contents copyright 1998 by Don Gillis

entire contents copyright 1998 by Don Gillis
Michael Patrick Gallagher
Niamh Roddy
The Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe
The Riverdance Orchestra
The Riverdance Singers
Moscow Folk Ballet
Rosa Manzano Jimenez
Van "The Man" Porter
Martin "Tre" Dumas III
Dexter Jones
Ralph Cato

Set Designer
Robert Ballagh
Lighting Designer
Rupert Murray
Costume Design
Jen Kelly
Sound Designer
Michael OOgorman
Poetry Written by
Theo Dorgan
Poetry narrated by
John Kavanagh
Orchestrations by
Nick Ingman
and Bill Whelan
Executive Producer
Julian Erskine
North American Press representative
Merle Frimark Associates

Bill Whelan

Moya Doherty
John McColgan

When the curtain rises on this national touring company production of RIVERDANCE, you will be mesmerized  for the rest of the evening, in a brilliant display of Irish Dance, roots of the native Irish culture with inspiring music by the Riverdance Orchestra, and will witness  the ancestry of the Irish culture through various methods ..
The first half of this production deals with the native imagination as it embraces the great forces and challenges of life, with "Reel Around the Sun" and" The Hearts Cry", and "Women of Ireland."    Then comes the distant thunder--- with Michael Patrick Gallagher and  male ensemble, with a hard-shoe routine, evoking the power and dramatic energy of thunder.
Next, comes the Firedance - symbolizing the Celtic settlers, and Slip into spring - a slip jig, .  Ending the first act, is the RIVERDANCE, a rousing jig, and with the orchestra in full light.  Michael Patrick Gallagher and Niamh Roddy lead a group of Irish Traditional dancers to an spectacular climax.

Act Two opens with "American Wake, and  continues with "The Harbour of the New World", with 5 sub-sections--each a division..or scene by itself.  Trading Taps was one of my favorites.....a historical look at Black tap dancing with jigs and reels of Ireland and Scotland interwoven with American Tap tradition with a touch of rhythmic foot stamping of African dances with a counterpoint challenge of black tap vs jig tap.  It was awesome!  That portion of the show brought many audiences members to their feet, and they receive a thunderous applause.
The show continues to delight...with flamingo dancing, the Moscow Folk Ballet company, and a some wonderful Riverdance soloists.  
The RIVERDANCE international ended the show, with the entire company joining in a reprise of the Riverdance theme, and you were left with a feeling of fulfillment as the strands of the music and dance swirl around and around in your head.
It will be in Boston from October 14th - November 1, 1998. at the Wang Theatre,  after this tour in Providence.  Don't miss it ---!!!

RIVERDANCE (till 11 Oct 98)
Providence Performing Arts Center(PPAC)
Webossett Street
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 421-2787

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