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"What Happened in Boston, Willie"

entire contents copyright 2001 by Robert Guenthner


Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump


Co-Director Judith Calabria Post
Co-Director Kelly Crawford
Musical Director Michael S. Templeton
Choreographer Marianne Lonati

Oliver Twist...Brett Calo
Mr. Bumble...Dan Kelly
Bet...Alex Main
Mr. Sowerbelly...Daniel B. Kozar
Mrs. Sowerberry...Verena Letchford
Widow Corney...Shannon Manley
Charlotte...Jennifer Guenthner
Noah Claypole...Owen Scott
Nancy...Aimee Doherty
Bill Sykes...Jay Silvi
Fagin...Fred Letchford
The Artful Dodger...Matthew Dowd
Matt Rickard, Marty West, Jennifer Thomas, Greg Dutton, Michael Thomas, Amy Megquier, Jennifer Mischley, Kevin Mischley, Shannon Manley
Kacey Daly. Patrick Dutton, Harry Ehrlich, Marcus Hohe, Elizabeth Kelly, James Kelly, Matt Rickard, Ellie Swan, Kori Sweeney
Cathy Corcoran, Kami Crary, Greg Dutton, Jennifer Guenthner, Daniel Kozar, Verena Letchford, Amy Megquier, Jennifer Mischley, Kevin Mischley, Owen Scott, Jennifer Thomas, Michael Thomas, Marty West

Trying to put on a full scale musical production is a difficult project. When the stage is as small as the one at the Orpheum, you would think it would be impossible. Not so! The sets and lighting were superb. The directors and choreographer were also equal to the task. The talented group of performers did their thing without a glitch.

Oliver is the story of an orphaned boy and his travels and trials to find love and happiness. He goes from a children's workhouse, to be an undertakers flunky, to a gang of child thieves before being discovered by his grandfather. The show has humor, murder, and wonderful songs. The actors that pleased me the most are;

Dan Kelly-He may not have a big booming singing voice, but he got the songs across. His facial expressions are super, he uses his face the way other actors use words.

Daniel B. Kozar can act like the biggest snob, [or worse] on the face of the earth. After doing the undertaker, he joined the ensemble and sang up a storm.

Jay looked the part he was playing. A very sinister and mean individual. He growled his way through the song MY NAME. Very good.

Fred also looked the part. His Fagin was as good as you could get. PICK A POCKET was hilarious.

Alex showed me a lot of promise with her singing in IT'S A FINE LIFE, and she is also a gorgeous girl to look at.

Matthew Dowd did exceptional work as The Artful Dodger. I have never seen anyone that young play that part. His voice and stage presence were that of a much older person.

Brett-You could tell this boy wasn't pushed onto the stage. I believe he was born to act and sing. He put his heart and soul into his singing. His voice was sweet yet strong. He is going to go as far as he wants.

Aimee, what can be said of this young lady. She is lovely to look at, with a voice to match her looks. I have seen her play so many different roles, each one done superbly. I hope she manages to live in her next show. She was murdered in Oliver and Jekyll & Hyde the musical. Before that I saw her jilted in Sweet Charity. Come on Aimee, do one where you have a happy ending. Her AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME, was a show stopper.

The production numbers, CONSIDER YOURSELF, I'D DO ANYTHING and WHO WILL BUY were excellent, at a professional level. I had such a good time watching this show, I bought a ticket for another one.

"Oliver!" (9 - 17 November)
The Orpheum, 1 School Street, FOXBOROUGH, MA
1 (508) 543-2787

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