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Righteous Ribaldry

Reviewed by Beverly Creasey

Never having been taught by nuns, I cannot reap the full benefit of "Nunsense" but I think it's mighty funny nevertheless. In fact the very devout mother of one of my friends let it be known that she deemed it poor judgement --- if not a sin --- to send ME to review it. Here goes anyway.

The Turtle Lane Playhouse incarnation of the Dan Goggin never-say-die nun-o-rama --- which reminds me of a Catholic "Chorus Line" because each nun gets a chance to tell her own story, then they bring it all together in the finale --- is one of the best productions of the silly catechism I've ever witnessed. (Did I say "witness"? Now I sound like I'm born-again.)

The TLP order, under Rev. Scott Gagnon's inspired direction, raises some fine hell on Ron L. Dion's funky set (for "Grease"!). Gagnon must be a man of the cloth to find the pathos (Yes, real pathos!) hiding in the songs. Richard Itczak manages to jazz up the black-and-white with some nifty Sally Rand fans...and Joanne Farwell lights it all in a heavenly glow.

The wickedly adorable ladies are: Susan Walsh (bringing down the house with a fiery gospel number), Jennifer Condon (as the amnesiac with the potty-mouthed puppet --- which on alternate nights must be appearing in "Fuddy Meers" in Waltham, if memory serves ... or have I lost my mind?), Joanne Powers (as the lapsed Mother Superior), Regina Stillings (as the sister who DOES get to be a star!) and Sarah Consentino (as the twinkletoed sister).

Music Director Wayne Ward and Steve Jounakos lend clever musical (and moral) support to the sisters. This Mt. St. Helens erupts with righteous laughter. [See, Sr. Regina, I'm noy "one of those Protestants out to get you"!]

Say "Amen" somebody!

"Nunsense" (13 September - 6 October)
283 Melrose Street, NEWTON MA

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