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Theatre Museum of Boston

A Committee has been quietly working for several months to make a museum dedicated to the rich history and heritage of stage-plays here in Boston. Incorporation papers have come through, a Tax Exempt Status for contributions has been granted!

Contributions to
are now

and so we proudly announce the debut of:

Theatre Museum of Boston, Inc.

our slogan is:

We Have a Future In Our Past

Progress Report #1, 21 July, 1999

Progress Report #2, 29 July, 1999

Progress Report #3, 29 July, 1999

What will a Theater Museum of Boston look like?
Where will it be?
What will you find there?

What do YOU think?

Would you like to get involved in planning a Theater Museum?
Would you like to donate time?
Would you like to donate money?
Would you like to donate programs, posters, keepsakes, memorabilia?

Would you just like to ask more questions?

e-mail your input to:
Susan Roberts, President
Theatre Museum of Boston, Inc.

(And tell her THE THEATER MIRROR sent you!)

The Theatre Museum of Boston, Inc., is ready to provide limited research services on performers, shows and Theatres which have to do with the rich history of Theatre in Boston. E-mail for details.

Coming Soon:

Learn more about Boston's rich Theatre history
from members of the Theatre Museum of Boston.

Topics include
Theatre Buildings and their history
Performers in Boston through the years
A Critique of Boston's Critics Past & Present
Why Ticket-Sellers Are Kept Behind Bars

And read these Progress Reports on our Oral History of Theater in Boston:
Report #1: Kenneth Meyers, 40 years a Producer and Company Manager for Broadway productions and touring companies

Board Members: Susan Roberts, President
Sara Glidden, Vice President
Stephen Finn, Clerk
Peter Brennan, Treasurer
Susan Radovsky
Larry Stark

Advisory Council
Kevin Drake

Becoming a donor to The Theatre Museum of Boston is easy!
Here's all you have to do:

1) Call MajesTix at 617-824-8000
2) Mail to MajesTix at 219 Tremont Street; Boston, MA 02116-4717
3) Fax to MajesTix at 617-824-8725

MajesTix accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express Card over the phone or fax, and a credit card number with expiration date and signature or check through the mail.

Choose one of these giving levels:
Dress Circle $500.00
Boxes $250.00
Orchestra $100.00
Mezzanine $75.00
Balcony $50.00
Student Rush at $15.00

Become a Donor Today! Remember: all donations are tax deductible!

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