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"Murder in The Court"

Tony Annicone

WhoDunnit's (an interactive murder mystery dinner theater) newest show, "Murder in the Court" is a madcap night of merriment during a murder trial. The audience are the jurors. They solve the crime and two people are rewarded with prizes, one for the right solution and the other for the most creative solution. Written by Ann Waterman the show contains not only her witty dialogue but two songs, too. Director Joel Hellmann keeps the action flowing before, during and after dinner making for a fun night of original entertainment.

The talented cast of eleven people involve the audience from the moment of their arrival. here are the descriptions of the characters. Baliff Brian Lamothe ( with a Dukes of Hazzard accent) seats you at your table and tells you to vote to convict the defendant. He plays the character very well leading to much laughter from his funny antics. Another scene stealer is the crazy defendant, Maddison Gray played expertly by Ted Cunningham. He bursts into song frequently and also imitates dogs and popeye. Ted's routines are hilarious and he makes the most of his nutty role. Judge Stern is played by Deb McGowan.She and the other actors interact with the audience members throughout the show. Deb is a wonderful actress and proves her talent adlibing wonderfully, too.

Paula Faber plays the no nonsense DA, Harrington. She handles the lawyer role well and makes a good adversary for the defense attorney Meeks played by Niles Welch. Niles defends his wild client to the best of his ability telling the audience of Grey's innocence. Paul Hamel as the other baliff keeps Grey in line and knocks him on his butt leading to much laughter. Court Psychologist Coslov is played by Kelly McGovern. She plays this knowledgable doctor who has had many careers in her past. Assistant DA Chandler is played by the vampy songstress Greta Marszalkowski who sings "Wrong Side of the Law". Womanizer detective and star witness, Emery pierce is played by J Schaefer. He not only has valuable testimony, he obtains all the women's phone numbers as well. Kelly Milner as the court clerk sets up an audience member as the stenographer who misplaces the day's testimony. (I was the one she chose) During the adventure of the night you have a dinner consisting of salad, schrod, rice, mixed vegetables, pork and potatos, pasta and icecream and coffee.

A fun filled night with good acting, a delicious dinner and a mystery to solve. Unable to give away the plot line, I can say two people at my table won tickets to the next show. Margarita solved the mystery correctly.(She and her boyfriend, Louie and their two friends, Paula and Gil had seen me perform at the Newport Playhouse) Mark Croy created a wild story about me being a fake reviewer and part of the show. He stated I was the murderer among other things. Needless to say he won the wild story award.(He and his wife Donna moved to my hometown of Warwick ten months ago from Florida) I thought I was at a table with strangers but in Rhode Island everyone knows one another or lives near them. This made the evening more fun with the levity at my table as well as with the show we all went to see. For futher information visit . You won't be disappointed.

"Murder in The Court" (till 10 March)
The Riviera Restaurant in Bristol and the Riviera Inn Restaurant, EAST PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND
1(401) 245-2375 or (401) 828-8318

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