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entire contents copyright 2001 by Robert Guenthner

"My Fair Lady"

Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump


Andrew G. Bobola-Director
Rachel Ferland-Choreographer
Don Gillis-Producer
Michael Savignac-Musical Director
Marcia Zammarelli-Cotume Designer

My Fair Lady is one of the can't miss musicals for local theater. As long as you can put a decent cast on the stage, you will sell tickets. I sometimes have my doubts about going to a musical performed at this level. After seeing and hearing this cast, I have to say that my fears were groundless. There was enough talent from top to bottom to put the show over. Although the entire group did a splendid job, a few of the players stood out.

Rigmor { Ree ] Clarke- Mrs. Higgins It is a difficult job to be overly dignified, yet come across as a lovable person. This was accomplished by this lady. She may not have had the biggest role in the show, but she commanded your attention whenever she was on stage.

Pat LaVarnia- Mrs. Pearce One of the most believable actors I have ever seen in this role. She sang a line or two in the first act, enough to wet my appetite. I had never heard Pat sing, now I want more.

Lanny Slusher- Alfred Doolittle A fine job with the dialect. He sang and pranced his way through WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK.

Daniel Kirby- Henry Higgins He added foppish mannerisms to the self centered professors ways. I didn't care for it in the beginning, but as the show went on it grew on me, I liked the way he played Henry. His singing voice was better than most in the role. He was relaxed and confident, as Henry himself would be.

Jill Pinto Gould- Eliza Doolittle She was very enthusiastic as Eliza. Her eyes seemed to sparkle when she smiled. A very pretty girl who was so very light on her feet. Her singing voice may have lacked the very high range, but it was such a pleasant voice. I could forget such a small flaw as not being able to hit a high note once or twice.

The walk through dance number at ASCOT was memorable for me. The ensemble did a splendid job with it. I did not get to meet the Choreographer, but was told she was young. How young I don't know, but she did a super job.

The sets at The Community Players are always some of the best. This set was no exception. The Higgins library with it's staircase and second floor balcony must have required many hours of work, and it worked.

During the show I tried to jar my failing memory and remember where I had seen Jill and Daniel before. Now I know. They are involved in a cabaret style show set in the forty's, Victory Jukebox. I enjoyed that show when I saw it a year or so back.

The orchestra consisted of four pieces, not large, but good.

My subscription seat cost $8. You cannot get better value anywhere else. The cost is less than a movie, and nothing beats live theater for entertainment

"My Fair Lady" (16 November - 2 December)
Jenks Junior HS Auditorium ,Division and Ashton Streets, PAWTUCKET, RI
1 (401) 726-6860 Reservations are required

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