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"Melancholy Baby"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Theatre Company's latest show is "Melancholy Baby". A cute comedy about a soap opera actress, her job losing husband, her two irresponsible sisters, her high strung cousin, her overbearing uncle, a boyfriend who only speaks Spanish and a long lost, 12 year old sister. The child has a mind of her own and wants to be a nightclub singer like Sinatra. Fun filled chaos ensues with this crazy mixture of characters.

Director/producer, Donna Adamonis casts each of the characters very well. They each have their moments to shine in their roles. She and stage manager, Jessica Rooney keep things moving and serve a dessert buffet at intermission with a variety of goodies on hand.

Monica Johnson, a 12 year old plays the huge role of young Jane. She brings great energy to the part and delivers her lines to an appreciative audience. Richard Manoogian plays the down on his luck husband and makes his oneliners sound like Jay Leno is delivering them. He has good chemistry with Monica and Jennifer Kimmerle who plays his soap opera actress wife, Kate. Jennifer makes the long suffering, nagging wife into a motherly and caring one by shows end by accepting Jane into the family and settling her differences with her husband, Rick.

Ken Koury brings high energy to his role of Stephen. He plays the preppy lawyer who lives on valium and dumps the 12 year old into his cousins laps. Ken's fast paced line delivery gets the audience to see the nervousness of the character. Jennifer Hunt plays the older sister, Debby who nevers pays her rent on time and is a dinner theatre actress. She makes this snooty sister into a funny snob who won't help out Kate with Jane. The other sister, Deena is played by Bethany Stone. She is a gorgeous blonde, bombshell who captures the audience with her drunken behavior in one scene and her flirty behavior with her Spanish beau, Carlos in the other. (Deena doesn't speak Spanish so she doesn't know if she is engaged to Carlos or not.Very funny!) Last but not least are Ron Mutton as Uncle David who wants to run everyone's life for them and Andrew Cox as the Spanish speaking Carlos who doesn't utter one word in English. The latter two round out the cast with their character acting skills.

So for lots of fun in the middle of winter, head out to see this show in Coventry at Theatre Company.

"Melancholy Baby" (till 26 January)
One Harris Street, COVENTRY, RI
1(401) 827-0091

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