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" Lucky In The Rain "

Reviewed by Don Gillis

Conceived and Written by SHERMAN YELLEN
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson and Dorothy Fields
Additional Music and Lyrics by
Hoagy Carmichael, Walter Donaldson, Al Dubin, Ted Koehleer,
Jan Savitt and Johnny Watson

Cast: Ryan Hilliard, Patrick Wilson, Marla Schaffel,Patti Mariano,
Cheryl Howard, Luba Mason, David Brummel, Marcus Neville, Jennifer Smith,
Scott Wise, Rita Gardner
Ensemble: Kelli Barclay, Ronald Brooks, Will Gartshore, Peter Gregus,
Jessica Kostival, Rebecca Kupka, Michael McCoy, Courtney Morris,
Bill Szobody, Erika Vaughn.

LUCKY IN THE RAIN is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those folks who remember the songs and times in 1927. This play takes place in Paris at a small newspaper company. There are many subplots going on here...but basically its a romantic story line.. Boy reporter (Patrick Wilson) falls in love with girl reporter(Marla Schaffel). In addition fellow reporter Zach(Scott Wise) is the roving reporter. The songs are vintage 1920's and the costumes, set design are authentic looking.

What did I see? I saw many talented dancers/singers/actors who gave me an entertaining night out! The play is fast-paced (with many subplots going on), but has your attention for the 2 hour show.

The cast was excellent all around, but I have to mention Marla Schaffel and Patrick Wilson. When they sang and fell in love, it looked real. Outstanding facial expressions on everyone's faces impressed me. The choreography by Randy Skinner was outstanding, especially the South American tap number executed by Scott Wise and ensemble. The audience loved it! I also loved the authentic costumes, by Gail Brassard.

This show has so many great performers that it is impossible to name them individually. If you like the `1920 music you probably will be entertained by this talented cast. The music is all 1920's and the orchestration by Michael O'Flaherty was impressive. I have to mention Luba Mason who played Isadora Duncan--she was excellent, especially in the scenes with Patrick Wilson. Loved her Costumes!! I could go on for another ten pages to explain that this show is worth the trip to Connecticut!. Its playing now ..I don't know if its Broadway bound--but who knows.? Great Night Out!!!

"Lucky in The Rain" world premiere (till 19 September)
Check their website .

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