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"Late Night Catechism"

I went to PPAC last night and got "educated" in an Adult Catechism class. I have to say that this show is probably one of the funniest and educational pieces of material I have seen in a long a religious interactive theatre experience. It was held ON THE STAGE of the huge Providence Performing Arts Center, that alone was worth the price of the ticket( for me, anyway). Maripat Donovan held the attention of 300 people for a show(class) that lasted approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. She was excellent ( Donovan is co-author of the work with Vicki Quad. )

If any Bostonians are planning on a stop in Providence between now and August 29th, please let them know that this is a wonderful show (especially if you have a parochial education with any Catholic nuns.) This women is a pleasure to watch. She was dressed in the traditional habit, but reminded me of Paula Pound Stone ..with her quips about the Pope, priests, saints who are NO longer saints, explanation of the Immaculate Conception (whoa-- did I blow that one!!), and a host of other Catholic teachings that she very nicely put into 90's language. So, any Bostonians out there--- if you missed it when it was in Boston, I highly recommend this show, Tickets are only $25. Call the PPAC Box Office

You don't have to be Catholic...but it sure does help!!!! ( I think).
(I am glad we were not graded---- I would have flunked!!!)

"Late Nite Catechism" (till 29 August)
220 Weybosset Street. providence, rhode island
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