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"La Cage aux Folles"

Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump

The Company Theatre has a history of staging entertaining plays of all kinds.

La Cage is a love story. The basic plot is one of humor, but underneath it there is the love two men have for each other. The story concerns a night club owner Georges played by Michael Kreutz, and his long time lover Albin, played by Christopher J. Hagberg. Albin is the star attraction in the club. He is an over the top transvestite who's gowns belong on a 1920s diva. They suit Albin to a tee. Georges had a one night fling in Paris 25 years ago. The tryst produced a son. The mothers life style precluded the raising of a child, he was given to Georges. Georges and Albin brought the boy up as any parents would do, Georges as the father, Albin as the mother. Now 24 years old, the son played by David Costa, wants to wed. He has chosen the daughter of an anti-gay polititian. The results are predictably hilarious. The son is ashamed of Albin, and wants his natural mother to be there to meet his future in laws. Of course the missing mother remains missing. Albin, tho hurt and confused tries to save the day by dressing down and trying to fool the girl friend and her parents. He succeeds in fooling them for a while, but his wig is removed by accident and he is discovered to be a man. The story now takes many twists and turns, but as with musical comedy, all ends well.

John King plays the butler Jacob, who would rather be the maid. He prances around the stage in various abbreviated costumes. John's actions and his delivery of his lines is truly hilarious.

There is a chorus line that is involved in the play, they sing and dance their way into your hearts.Talented troopers both male and female, sometimes confusing us as to their gender. The tap number is a high point

. As I stated earlier, this is not just a comedy. love songs abound in this show. Georges " With You On My Arm " , " Look Over There ", and "Song In The Sand" is sentiment at its best. Michael Kreutz is an accomplished singer, actor, and musician. I am a strong fan of his.

This was the first time I have been privileged to see Christopher J. Hagberg. I hope I have many more chances to see this wonderful performer. His version of "A Little More Mascara" is super, but his rendition of "I Am What I Am" is a show stopper. Chris' acting and singing were worth the price of the admission.

John King is another person I never tire of seeing and listening to. His boyish charm and great voice never fail to impress me.

David Costa as the son does another super job. He portrays the son as a spoiled rotten child perfecly. David is a male model, enough said about his looks. His voice, if not great, is very good. I saw him play Jesus in Company's Jesus Christ Superstar, he did a magnificent job.

Michael Joseph, musical director and conductor does his normal work. What can you say about a mab as talented as Mike. He will even step on the stage to do a song as he did in Gloryland, a show he co-wrote.

Zoe Bradford and Jodie Saucerman produced and directed, another feather in their cap.

There were so many fine jobs done by the ensemble it would be difficult to single them out. Many of these people have had leads in other shows.

A full 21 piece orchestra worked the show, great sound.

Company Theatre has the reputation of being one of the best groups in New England. They are a step above the community level. The sets, staging and costumes make you think you are, if not at a Broadway play, then you are wayching a good touring company. Please keep up your high standards

"La Cage Aux Folles" (16 - 8 April)
30 Accord Park Drive, NORWELL
1 (781) 871-ARTS

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