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"Knock 'Em Dead"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

City Nights Dinner Theatre's current show is the hilarious murder mystery, "Knock 'Em Dead". Six very unusual contestants show up for the final night of a talent competition. A murder takes place and the six suspects are questioned by the detective and the audience until the case is solved. Erica Feick does a wonderful job directing this unique, interactive show and chooses some outstanding talent to pull it off to an appreciative audience.

Since this is a murder mystery I'll mention who's who and not what happens so the ending won't be given away.The colorful characters include a ventriloquist with moving lips, a foul mouthed stand up comedienne, a baton twirling bimbo, the flamboyant owner of a lip synching poodle, a German songstress with a questionable accent and a hypnotist with a questionable past. Erica directs these characters and infuses them with the comic touches necessary to give them individual traits. Leading the cast is Cory Giglietti as Hal Brown who is a terrible ventriloquist but a very intuitive detective. He handles his massive dialogue with great energy and interacting very easily with the audience.

The suspects are all very talented, too. The stand up comic, Roxie Barn is played Krista Iacono. She plays the tough, heart wise cracking, broad who bosses and pushes everyone around. Krista does an excellent job and gets many laughs with her one liners. The sexy bimbo, Bamby Lynn is played by the lovely, Elizabeth Baker. She is a hoot when she hurts her wrists and can't twirl her batons. The biggest scene stealer in this show is the very gay, dog owner, Ian Wayne played by Jason Almeida. His line delivery and his crazy romp with the audience will leave you in stiches. He is a senior at RIC but he has a bright future especially after playing this role so well. The sexy, German singer, Lotta Verboten is played by Valerie Remillard. She finds a song cue whenever anyone says anything. Valerie interacts very well with the audience, fl rting with the men while wearing a feather boa and long gloves. Scott Domenici is the Great Somnambulo who hypnotizes! Ian into being Carmen Miranda and John Wayne. The MC of the club, Lou Dumbello is played by Rocky Vaughan. He oogles the blonde bimbo throughout the show. Theatre owner, Doug Macaskill plays a small but pivotal role in the show. A great high energy cast pulls off this mystery without a hitch.

The evening begins with a scrumptious meal prepared by Chef Brian Condron. This shows menu consists of Chicken Cacciatore sauteed with onions, peppers, and mushrooms in a red wine sauce and Italian Meatballs in Tomato sauce served with three pasta medley and an Italian vegetable saute. You also are served a garden salad with chef's dressing. fresh rolls, coffee or tea and assorted pastries for dessert.( the Swiss roll, creme puffs and cream cheese squares went quickly at my table.)

So for a great evening of dinner and a murder mystery with a great deal of comedy to lighten your spirits, be sure to catch "Knock 'Em Dead" and see if you can solve the mystery and win a prize. You won't be disappointed.

"Knock 'Em Dead" (till 1 June)
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