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note: entire contents copyright 2003 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump


reviewed by The Old Grump

music by Stephen Sondheim lyrics & book by James Lapine performed at East Bridgewater High School

director / choreographer - Jim Sullivan
musical director - Steve Shannon
production manager - Meredith Taitz
costume design - Kelly Cavanaugh
lighting design - Matthew Cavanaugh
sound design - Ed Demarzio
property manager - Katie Wahl
set design - Jim Sullivan, Meridith Taitz,
Matthew Cavanaugh


mysterious man - Steve Dennis
narrator " "
cinderella - Kelly Cavanaugh
jack - Andrew Mackin
baker - John Porcaro
baker's wife - Melissa Anronico
stepmother - Michelle Harris
florinda - Allison Ross
lucinda - Lauren Hopkins
jack's mother - Deb Rawson
little red riding hood - Becky Geggatt
the witch - Christabelle Maus
cinderella's father - Rob Christman
cinderella's mother - Kimberly McDonnough
granny " "
giants wife " "
rapunzel's prince - George Kippenhan
wolf " " rapunzel - Michelle Kippenhan
cinderella's prince - Christian Potts
the steward - Will Chandler
sleeping beauty beauty - Sheila Kane
snow white - Julie Dennis

Sondheim is an amazing composer. He is not locked into one type of music. His work ranges from an Oriental cast, Pacific Overtures, to the dark love story, Passion, to Into The Woods, an absurdly mixed up conglomeration of fairy tales.
Since this tale has to be performed tongue in cheek, as if it were a silent film with sound. Over acting is one of the keys to it's success. Jim Sullivan did a fine job of directing, by not letting the hamming it up get out of hand. Just the right amount of schmaltz.

The over all quality of the voices was unbelievably good. From the oldest, Steve Dennis, to the youngest, Becky Geggatt, not a weak performance could be found.

The sets were not elaborate, but very effective, just enough.

My favorite songs.

GIANTS IN THE SKY. Andrew did a good job on this one.

AGONY. George and Christian both did well on this funny song.

IT TAKES TWO. John and Melissa were great in this one, even though the doorknob size rock on her hand blinded me when the lights reflected off of it.

NO MORE. This is a dramatic song, and these two guys, Steve and John didn't have to take a back seat to any professional. I loved the way they did it.

NO ONE IS ALONE. Sung by John, Kelly, Becky and Andrew, followed No more. Two magnificent songs back to back and done to perfection.

Christabelle Maus gave a powerful performance all throughout the show. From a cackling crone, to a sexy witch, I can't make up my mind whether she looks or sounds better. I think I will sit back and enjoy both.

Kelly made a lovely Cinderella. Another girl who combined looks and talent.

Becky, the fifteen year old Red Riding Hood definitely should advance in this business. She is a gorgeous girl, with a gorgeous voice. I know that I am getting old. I can't remember girls being this pretty when I was a teen ager.

He didn't get credit in the Playbill, but the crying baby was dubbed by Nathaniel O'Brien. He sounded very real doing his thing.

A very small but enthusiastic audience, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Small Theatre groups are in dire need. Money is always a problem. This group is young, and it was unknown to me until a friend suggested that I attend the show. I can honestly say I was not disappointed. Even their web site is a step above most of the others. It is one of the most informative sites on the web. Go to for information and next years tentative schedule.

"Into The Woods" (7 - 14 November)
East Bridgewater High School, EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA

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