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"What Happened in Boston, Willie"

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"I Take This Man"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Can Mr. Right be found lying unconcious at the Boston Marathon? In Jack Sharkey's screwball comedy, "I Take This Man", City Nights Dinner Theatre's current show, the wacky, Giddy Hollis thinks so. She gets a cop to help carry this unknown man back to her apartment, telling him, it is her husband, Antonio. The complications arise when her roommate, Charlene comes home, then her boyfriend, Dex shows up for their dinner date and the cop, Jud returns to the scene of the "crime". Richard Bento directs this show wonderfully, getting every laugh out of the crazy situation with the numerous one liners along the way. He chooses the best performers for these roles, making this an enjoyable madcap romp.

Richard not only directs the show but blocks it very well, too. The pacing helps move the show along and the jumping on the chair and sofa as well as the banana throwing scenes are hilarious. He keeps the actors in character at all times and their facial expressions fit the mood of this comedy showing some examples of his clever directing capablities. Tania Montenegro plays the lead role of the zany girl who finds true love with an unconcious man wonderfully. The character's name is Giddy and it is a truly fitting name. Tania handles her massive lines in the show with ease and handles the farcial situations like a pro. She also does a great job interacting with the other actors and her blosing of her nose in a red velvet pants is hilarious. The mystery man of her dreams is played by Jay Miscia. He runs around the stage in blue boxers and a t-shirt all night long as the man who can't remember his name. Jay shows he can handle this comic role as well as he handled a dramatic and a singing role in past shows. One of the funniest moments is when he dances at the window for an old lady with binoculars in another apartment building. (The character thinks she will call 911 so he can find out where he is but the old lady calls her friends to her window to look at him dancing.) The surprise ending is a hoot and gives the audience the answers to what has transpired.

Veteran actor, Geoff White plays the helpful cop, Jud. His questioning of Giddy and the others is humorous as they change their answers to fit the situation as it keeps changing. Emily Lewis makes her debut as Charlene, who is a nurse. She delivers her one liners with the right inflections as she tries to get Giddy to look at things realistically. Emily does a great job and her swilling down the martinis and champagne is one of her funniest shticks in the show. City Nights owner, Doug Macaskill plays Dex, Charlene's befuddled boyfriend. He is a fantastic comic actor in this show, proving he can act as well as build the sets, run the theatre, produce and direct other shows, too. (Doug did such a good job, he had many audience members ask for his autograph on their programs.)

So for an entertaining evening of hilarity, be sure to catch these five talented performers in "I Take This Man" at City Nights. You will also be served a superb meal by chef, Brian Condron. The meal for this show is Baked Virginia Ham with raisin pineapple sauce, rice and carrots with a garden salad with chef's dressing, fresh rolls, coffee or tea, and assorted dessert pastries including cream puffs and chocolate swiss rolls. (Another interesting part of the night is you meet many different people at the show. This time I sat with Shannon, who works for the Cancer Society and her daughter Cassandra,(they drove in from Jewett City, CT) Ericka who runs the European Beauty Shoppe in Pawtucket and her boyfriend, Joe and his former neighbor, David Martin who is a theater, movie and arts buff.)

"I Take This Man" (8 - 22 February)
27 Exchange Street, PAWTUCKET,R I
1 (401) 723-6060

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