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"Hoist Point Orchestra"

Conceived, Written, and Performed
by Marty Barrett, Todd Bearson, John Underkoffler
Directed by Dossy Peabody

Set Design by Tom Novack
Lights & Sound Designed by Jason Friemark
Costume Designed by Margot Lovinger
Stage Manager Lisa Sue Lieberson

Sasquatch.......................Rob Poor

I'll never trust Marty Barrett again. He lies. (His real name, for instance, is actually Wallace M. Kempthwaite, and he's Canadian.) He has joined Todd Bearson and John Underkoffler to present a baker's dozen scripted and rehearsed comedy sketches under the spurious name of "Hoist Point Orchestra" --- a crew that purports to be an auto-harp trio that actually perform without any instruments! And that's only the most obvious of their scandalous, scurrilous, hilarious ball-faceted lies. (I mean, in several filmed interludes, they pretend Rob Poor plays Sasquatch. In truth these are guest appearances by Chew'Bacca, who is still suing for proper credit and compensation, and as I shall explain eventually, I hope he flays them alive if they ever go to trial!)

These are the sort of charlatans who vilify the American Army by implying that field commanders during "DeSSert Storm" ordered Jello and BlancMange instead of Patriot missiles to fight with! They actually imply that the COMSat orbiter is no bigger than a bone-shaped doggie-toy! And if you're Australian --- and who among us isn't --- your good, solid, convict-based genes will rise up within you to see the travesty of Brisbane couture that costumer Margot Lovinger has set upon the stage!

Funny? Oh hell, yes, they're Funny! I mean, if all you want is merely Funny then go on, pay the money. You'll laugh. Sure, you'll laugh a lot, but at what cost??? These are LIARS! You want proof? Huh? Proof? Okay: I got an e-mail from this Marty (a k a Kempthwaite, remember!) Barrett that I can quote even though I KNOW he has burned his p.c. to cover it up, an e-mail message that said "We'll have a comp available for you and a lovely guest next Saturday." So I go, and true, I got a free ticket, But the seat beside me was Empty, man, and no lovely guest Ever Appeared! I spent the En Tire Evening ALONE. So, you think I'm going to write a Good Review of this show Just Because it's FUNNY???? Hah!

Now I'm not implying that they're All liars. Bearson and Underkoffler may tell the truth occasionally. I can't countenance the ugly rumors that one of them is really a New Zealander and the other is the last remaining Tasmanian Devil not in captivity, but I can tell you they both have "Tweedle" written around the backs of their collars and they do, every performance they do associate with Known Prevaricator and actual Canadian Marty "The Canuck" Barrett! So go ahead, go if you want, laugh your heads off. Just don't expect a date because They Don't Keep Their Promises!!!!!!


"Hoist Point Orchestra" (till 29 July)
The Boston Playwrights' Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Avenue, BOSTON
1(617) 491-2026

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