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"Home Free"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Picture a beautiful seaside home in Florida and you have the setting for Theatre Company's latest comedy, "Home Free". The story is about a mistress, two husbands, two wives and two friends getting into some wacky and unusual situations in the warm climate. Director/producer Donna Adamonis chooses a Neil Simonesque type of comedy, casting the right kind of zany players in all 7 roles.

Playing the part of the mistress, Sally Armstrong is the gorgeous, Jackie Granja.She oozes sensuality in her comic part. Jackie's facial expressions and interactions with her male lovers is hilarious. Sally is charging them full rent for only two weeks worth of staying there. She keeps their gifts hidden in a secret closet but you know the secret will come out. Jackie's dealings with her best friend and want to be suitor are funny as is the final confrontation with their wives. This girl handles this comic part as well as her dramatic one in "Jimmy Dean". The ending will have you in stiches.

The two husbands, Roger (Anthony Pesare) and Bertram (Ron Pelletier) shower Sally with gifts and rent money. Roger is rich and from New York and Bert is from Oklahoma and is in the oil and hamburger business. The funniest part is when they meet each other and think Sally is a good businesswoman. They drink Bert's special Prairie drink and have a great time until their wives show up. Anthony and Ron handle their one liners and comic bits very well. Ron's Colonel Sanders sound alike accent and dirty old man bits are great, too.

Sally's two friends are hysterical and help move the action of the show. Kelly House plays Tris, Sally's best friend from college. She runs around trying to help Sally out of her jam. Kelly does a wonderful job as the best friend and is very believable and natural on stage. The funniest scene is when she and Eric who has been proposing to Sally on the 15th of every month, realize they love each other by kissing quite a bit. Eric is played by Joseph Carlone who steals almost every scene he is in by his crazy antics and great one liners.He is a hoot.

The two wives are Monica (Joan Batting) and Celeste (Cathy Mendonca) and they wreak their revenge on their husbands by the end of the show, giving it the right kind of twist the audience doesn't expect. Joan has red hair and a Tallulah Bankhead type of a voice. Her dry line delivery is comical and she makes a very threatening presence on the stage. Cathy delivers her lines with a sweet Southern twang but there is venom behind the words she speaks to her hubby, Bert. Both woman do a wonderful job and the final victory is theirs. Delicious homemade desserts are also served at intermission. So go enjoy this comedy and have some treats in between acts, too.

"Home Free" (till 1 April)
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