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note: entire contents copyright 2003 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump

"Hooray for Hollywood

reviewed by The Old Grump

conceived by Michael Hammond & Meri-Lee Mafera
director Michael Hammond
music director Meri-Lee Mafera
sound & set design Ed Dimarzio
lighting Pat Dzierzak
technical director Michael Bonomi
executive producer Meg Fofonoff

If you take 40 songs from Hollywood movies. Mix in five talented performers. What you end up with is two hours of good entertainment. The tunes in this show were from movies that ranged from 42nd Street, 1933, all the way to the current Chicago 2002. A very good sampling of music was brought to the stage, most of it light and gay. There were only a couple of dramatic pieces, I'll speak later on them. Film clips were shown on a screen to the side of the stage. Old stuff. Sinatra, Astaire, Garland, Rooney, plus some animated giants, Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Fiefel the mouse from An American Tail. The spelling of the last name is questionable.

Meri-Lee not only added her voice to the show, but played the piano as well.

Sharon cavorted around the stage like a teen ager. Quite a different part from Mamma Morton, which was the last show I saw her in.

Alan and Michael have to be lumped together. Two wonderful song and dance men. Both of them, whether alone, together, or with the girls, sang and danced the hell out of the place.

Paula is a girl with a golden voice. Her rendition of AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME, from Oliver 1968, was a powerful tear jerker. This girl is fantastic.

The other dramatic song was sung by the group, COME WHAT MAY, from Moulin Rouge 2001. This particular song is a favorite of mine. It was done soooo good, so very good.

I had a smile on my old ugly face that didn't disappear until I got home. It was a wonderfully entertaining evening out.

"Hooray for Hollywood" (27 September - 5 October)
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