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"God" & Bachelor Holiday"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The student run theatre group, How 'Bout Them Apples Productions, at Providence College, latest shows are two one act satirical plays. The first, "God" written by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney, is a comic look at how two sisters grow up as Catholics and the comic twists and turns of their lives. The second, "Bachelor Holiday" written by Alan Ball, is about three male roommates who discuss the meaning of life, death, yuppiedom and karma after killing a mouse in a glue trap set with Cocoa Krispies. These two comedies are directed very cleverly by Erin Keller, who gets the best out of her five performers by keeping the action flowing along smoothly in each show.

Erin is assisted in her task by stage manager, Elysia Cappellucci who keeps things hopping backstage and by the lighting design of Spencer Crockett who sets the mood for the religious first act with dimmer lightining. Erin's use of numerous props in the second show is mind boggling but they are utilized by the actors with ease. She does a first rate job with her blocking and getting diverse characterizations from all her performers. Although the show "God" is told from a feminist point of view, the comic situations presented are hilarious and can be enjoyed by everyone. The two sisters, Tina and Teri are played by Amy Untersee and Julie Caputo. The show begins with the girls in church with their mother. They get bored and pretend to go to the bathroom. They go outside and discuss their childlike views of the church. Tina wants to be a priest not a nun because she hates them. They also think the priest makes kool aid with the holy water, someone named Vincent! , uses one eye to watch over them and they also say the Our Father with mixed up wording. The girls grow up, have sex, lie, cheat on their taxes and Tina has an abortion. These serious situations are told in a comic confessional setting and the humorous retreat scene where they sing "Kumbaya" but gossip about a slut, a hot guy, dope and so on. The funniest lines are in the confession box with Teri's three way line getting a lot of laughs. Both Amy and Julie do a wonderful job with their lines and the various comic situations. They m ke the transition from little girls to older women with ease by talking like ten year olds at the begining and maturing as they get older. Amy and Julie deliver the goods to an appreciative audience.

The second show is longer in length but is just as funny as the first. "Bachelor Holiday" is about three different roommates and how they argue with each other but end up relaxing with a good stiff drink to settle their differences. Bill Klements plays Ford, the new age guy who is a neat freak, folding the clothes neatly and who eats tofu and other organic foods. He has many funny lines especially when he kills the mouse. Bill really shows his depth as an actor when he gets angry with the deadhead, Norris. Pat Fitzgibbons tackles this role of the sloppy, lazy roommate wonderfully. He reacts well with his fellow actors when he gets upset about having no Cocoa Krispies left. The third roommie, Hunter is played by Peter Brodbeck. Hunter is an exercise fanatic who jogs and does situps constantly. He also eats Norris' Cocoa Krispies, guzzles coffee and tops it off with tequilla chasers. Peter brings a great deal of energy to this crazy role and his fu! nniest line is about the 4 basic food groups for man, salt, sugar, grease and alcohol. Their final celebration because it is the day the atomic bomb was created, is another humorous look as an excuse to drink early in the day. Great chemistry among the three actors leads to much laughter in the audience.

So for an entertaining evening of talented students, performing these two comic one act plays, be sure to catch, "God" & "Bachelor Holiday", before time runs out. You won't be disappointed.

"God" & "Bachelor Holiday"(till 28 April)
Catherine of Siena Hall, Room 212, Eaton Street, PROVIDENCE, RI
1 (401) 865-3867

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