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"Five Tellers in The Rain"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Theatre Company's "Five Tellers in the Rain" is a black comedy about five women working as bank tellers. These women have a lot of charm and sass and through their conversations they learn how to stand on their own. They don't need to depend on their relationships with men to define their lives. Director/producer, Donna Adamonis casts the right five actresses to pull off these difficult roles leading the audience to both laughter and tears. They dance in the rain to wash themselves free to flourish in their new lives after the lesson is learned.

Jennifer Hunt makes her stage debut in the role of Jenny. The character is put down by her boyfriend for not being able to do a puzzle quickly.This leads to an argument and a broken arm. Jennifer plays the young hurt girl with the right amount of naivete and innocence doing admirable work in her first acting role. She relates well with the other actresses on stage, too.

Constanze Almonte as the cowgirl, mini skirted sexpot, Betina has some of the show's funniest lines. She is a powerful actress and delivers the punchlines perfectly. Constanze as Betina shows the other girls how to live life to the fullest by having fun. She has a cowboy boyfriend but she finds out he is a dud and realizes she has to be closer to her friends again. Wonderful job with this flashy character.

Darlene Mixer plays head teller, Lorene who is still a virgin at 35. She falls in love with an insurance salesman, Max during their car accident and also breaks her arm. Darlene handles the comic and dramatic scenes very well. The argument with Twyla is excellent. She shows the right emotional response by being a friend who wasn't there because she didn't know how she should react to her friend's divorce. Darlene also has the exit comedy moment trying to put a rainhat on with her arm in a cast. Very funny.

Debbie Condit as Twyla is the most serious character in the show. Her husband has divorced her, her son Hicky is out of control and she is mad at Lorene for not supporting her during the critical time in her life. Debbie plays her role beautifully reaching their climax in the argument scene with Lorene.The emotions come poring forth in a wonderful tear jerking scene. The anger and hurt are rolled into one powerful moment. Brava on a job well done.

Paula Faber as Delores has the saddest backstory of them all. Her husband and his mistress were killed in a fire that left her homeless. She shows support and warmth to the others until she burst forth in the final scene to show her hurt and despair making it a poignant and powerful performance. Paula runs the gamut of emotions in the play making Delores an intriguing three dimensional role. This show has the right mix of comedy and drama by the right actresses for these roles. The audience is also treated to a yummy dessert buffet made by associate producer Cheryl Machado who has assorted sweets, veggies, dip and pizza (my favorite) plus coffee, tea, lemonade, punch and ice water. Great job Donna and Cheryl. ( Jessica Roch and Kevin Cahill are two student actors who are stage managers and play the janitors for the scene changes.)

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