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note: entire contents copyright 2003 by Bob Guenthner a k a The Old Grump

"A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum"

reviewed by The Old Grump

music & lyrics Stephen Sondheim
book Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbart
director & choreographer Marianne Sarazen Lonati
musical director Shannon Manley
producer John M. Ristaino

Pseudelus - Jeff Mahoney
Senex - Jeremy Woloski
Domina - Eileen Cosgrove Cusak
Hero - Dan Kircher
Erronius - Daniel B. Kozar
Miles Gloriosus - Kevin Mischley
Philia - Kristen Quartarone
Lycus - Daniel P. Gravely
Tintinabula - Krista Weller
Panacea - Becca Corcoran
The Geminae - Cat Corbett & Allicia Lawson
Vibreta - Atia DeRosa Gravely
Gymnasia - Jennifer Mischley
The Proteans,
Brian A. Gustafson / Jay Silvi / Aaron G. Spence

The first sentence in the Directors Notes, Marianne describes Forum as a silly, fun piece of fluff. No matter how hard I try, I cannot improve upon this description. It is a sexual farce that is not dirty. Suggestive, but in a cute way.

Jeff dominated the show, with what I believe is the best performance of his career. His singing voice, his acting and his facial expressions were super. I have seen almost everything Jeff has been in. A lion, A cartoon character an angel, I have even seen him portray humans.

The multi talented Daniel K. gave us the benefit of his presence. Set designer, Costume designer, he even designed the program art. While he was resting, he appeared in the show as the old, demented, and confused Erronius. He did a great job at everything.

Dan Kircher did a fine Hero.

Doug was a standout as the slave Histerium.

Kevin showed off his powerful voice in the song BRING ME MY BRIDE. Another strong performance to add to his list of strong performances.

Kristen was perfect as the beautiful, but not very bright Philia. She is a doll, with a nice voice.

Jeremy was very funny as the lecherous Senex. He had me laughing out loud.

Dan Gravely did his usual good on stage work, as well as doing cast make up off stage.

Eileen looked to good to be a shrew.

Now Jen M. has a very pretty face, and a very pretty voice. When she appeared in that harem outfit, she could have sung the National Anthem in Russian, with bag pipes accompanying her, and I wouldn't have heard a note. WOW!!!

Jeremy, Jeff, Doug and Dan sang and danced EVERYBODY OUGHT TO HAVE A MAID. This was by far the best song in the show. The boys sounded great in this number.

By the way, will someone remind Atia that she is crazy about me, and not her husband? She never remembers this. Oh well.

Everything about this show was wonderful. The set was fantastic, along with the choreography. My eyes and ears certainly had a good time.

Actors Collaborative at the Foxborough Orpheum 1 School Street Foxborough Mass. 508-994-2787 Oct. 3-4-5-10-11

"A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum" (3 - 11 October)
The Orpheum, 1 Spring Street, FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS
1 (508)994-2787

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