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"What Happened in Boston, Willie"

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"Death to The Future"

Reviewed by Tony Annicone

The latest Whodunnit Murder Mystery Theater's show is a spoof of the movie, "Back to the Future", called "Death to the Future". It takes place in 1985 at the 30th Anniversary of the Enchantment under the Sea dance. This entertaining, comic take-off is written by Joseph Shansky with each character getting their moment in the spotlight. Director Ann Waterman puts her 8 member cast to work, trying to get the audience to guess whodunnit by show's end with much success while enjoying a luscious dinner at the Airport Radisson Hotel in Warwick.

This crazy adventure concerns the exploits of Marty McFly and his zany, inventor friend, Doc Brown who time travel from 1985 to 1980 in this version. His arguing parents, George and Lorraine, her brother, Joey, a bag man, plus Verna, a school chum who was pregnant or adopted a baby and doesn't know who the father is and a car salesman, Frankie are at this reunion. They are waiting for the sinister, bully, Biff to arrive and that is only what happens in the first scene.

Playing the part of the daffy, sci-fi writer, George is Brian Lamothe who is a bumbling, wild and loony guy. His farcical talents shine in this show and he and the talented, Fern Rouleau as Lorraine, sing a wonderful duet called Space Angel/Earth Angel. They have a great deal of chemistry together and Fern, padded to look heavier and older, delivers a strong portrayal of this woman through out the show. The part of their son, Marty is wonderfully played by high school senior, Brian Boruta. He handles his part with ease in only his second show ever. Brian is heading to Northeastern University next year to major in Biology and minor in theatre. Welcome to the theatre.

Another newcomer to Whodunnit is Meggan Presbrey who plays the dimwitted, Verna. Her scenes with the thug, Joey and the cad, Biff are well done and she shows off a lovely singing voice in her song, "Poor Little Fool". Her boyfriends in the show are performed by Dan Green as Joey and John Los as Biff. Both these men would fit into a "Guys & Dolls" performance handily. They play the conmen/ gangsters wonderfully and their accents are a hoot, too. Playing Frankie, the DeLorean Dealership owner is Terry Babers. He plys the audience with his business cards, oozing the charm of a real slick salesman. He and John do a duet on the Whodunnit theme song and Terry's strong voice adds another dimension to his role of Frankie. Last but not least is Niles Welch as the addlepated, inventor of the time travel, Doc Brown. His antics as a zoned out scientist plus a white haired fright wig on his head will have you screaming with laughter.

So for a wild and crazy evening of fantastic characterizations and trying to figure out whodunnit be sure not to miss, "Death to the Future". An added bonus is the superb dinner at the Airport Radisson Hotel. You have a choice of 4 entrees, the Vegetarian platter (pasta with a mixture of veggies) chicken marsala, pork loin and baked scrod served with rolls, salad and cheesecake for dessert. Our waiter, Aquil who is in the master's program at Johnson & Wales, did an excellent job waiting on my table. (One of my fellow tablemates, Cindy guessed the right answer but being one of 11 correct answers, she missed winning the prize. The whole table asked many intelligent questions of the cast and formed sound conclusions from them.) Be sure to call for tickets quickly not to miss out on a great night out.

"Death to The Future" (till 15 June)
Airport Radisson, 2081 Post Road, WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND
1 (401)580-1668

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