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"Dial 'M'for Murder"

by Frederick Knott
directed by Dan Bolton
set by Michael Bonomi


Lea Contarino - Margot Wendice
Randy Marquis - Max Halliday
Jeffery J. Harig - Tony Wendice
Tom Moloney - Captain Lesgate
Bern Budd - Inspector Hubbard
Michael Costello - Thompson

Fiddlehead Theatre has decided to have a more diverse range of plays this season. A couple of comedy's and a drama have been put into the schedule.

Dial "M" For Murder is an intriguing melodrama. The well-acted and directed play has many twists and turns. The first and second acts set up the story. The third act is spent in solving the crime.

The set is a sitting room, somewhere in England. I wish my home looked half as good as this one.

Margot and Tony are husband and wife. Tony is a retired gentleman tennis player, who admits to marrying for money. Margot is a loving wife who had a brief affair one year ago.

Max is an American TV writer, who was involved with Mrs. Wendice, and still carries a torch for her.

Captain Lesgate is a confidence man. His name is an alias, he has changed it as often as he has changed his cons.

Thompson is a policeman.

Inspector Hubbard is the policeman in charge of solving the crime.

Tony brings the Captain to his home under false pretenses. He black mails the Captain into murdering his wife. Tony knows about his wife's past infidelity, and plans to kill her for the inheritance.

Both Tom and Bern are quite good in their respective roles.

Michaels part is very small.

Randy is a talented young man. He has gone from comedy, [ The Odd Couple], to this drama without missing a beat.

Lea is a shapely and pretty girl. Her acting ability shines in the play, very well done.

Jeffery impressed me. His portrayal of the scheming husband was a work of art. Jeff has a winning smile that can turn into a nasty sneer. As all good actors, he can get his point across with the minimal amount of words. His face and body actions alone convey his amotions. His accent and mannerisms were perfect in every way.

For us that enjoy a change from musicals, this was the play to see.

"Dial 'M' for Murder" (25 October - 3 November)
109 Central Street, NORWOOD MA

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