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"What Happened in Boston, Willie"

entire contents copyright 2002 by Robert Guenthner


Reviewed by Robert Guenthner AKA oldgrump


music & lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb
directed by Zoe Bradford and Jordie Saucerman
musical director Michael Joseph - choreographer Sally Ashton Forrest
costumes Shirley Carney - Lighting Franklin Meisser Jr.
set design Zoe Bradford - set design & technical director Bob Grazioso


the emcee - John King
sally bowles - Caroline deLima
clifford bradshaw - Christian T. Potts
frauline schneider - Susie Lawler
frauline kost - Suzanne St. Germaine
herr schultz - Bob Emery
ernst - Frank Hughes Jr.
max - Kenneth C. Vining
waiter - Michael Angelo Morlani
hitler youth - Andrew Mackin
Officers - James Garrett, Jim Paiva

Kit Kat Girls
Joyce Avitabile - Ann Carroll - Susan Waterman - Johanna Perri - Christine Maus Michelle Poirier - Lauren Gemelli - Melissa Prusinski

Kit Kat Boys
David Good - James A. Valintin - Christopher Landis - Shawn Sameiro

Kit Kat Patrons Kathy Buccella - Juliana Dennis - Anne Klienerman - Helen Wilhelmi

Cabaret has never been near the top of my favorite show list, but this production of it pushed it up the ladder a couple of notches. Whenever I attend a show at this venue, I may not like the show itself, but I expect everything about it to be top draw. This production ran true to form.

The scenery seemed as if it came from the Broadway show, I could see no appreciable differences.

The choreography was special. A few times in the show, the entire cast was on stage going through a routine. Approximently 30 actors were on the stage at one time without it looking like a stampede.

The costumes were perfectly matched with the story. The dress of the Kit Kat girls were revealing at times, and profoundly styleless. Their make up was suited to the depraved night club that they worked in, extremely gaudy, almost humorous.

In the other reviews that I have read, John and Caroline drew most of the ink, so I will pass them by. Both were wonderful in their roles, but I want to mention a few of the others.

Christian's English accent was great. He must have studied his diction long and hard to perfect his speech, and make it sound so natural. Christian has a good singing voice and is a fine actor.

Bob Emory has an excellent tenor voice. His dignified white hair and beard went with his character. Bob has an extensive resume`.

Susie Lawler is so much younger than the character she played. A fan would not recognize her off stage. Susie handled the humor and the drama of her part, and added a splendid singing voice to it.

Suzanne made a sexy prostitute. She looked and acted the role. [ I hope she takes that as a compliment ].

My only complaint was with John King. The way he treated that poor old man sitting down front on the aisle was terrible. John did his best to embarrass the guy, but I don't embarrass that easily, it was fun.

Both of my mothers parents came from Germany. I can remember them singing in the kitchen, making dinner, whenever we visited. They loved music. I didn't think much of their singing then, I couldn't understand a word of what they sang, still can't, but know I appreciate their music. Christine Maus, when she was on the balcony and sang in German brought it all back. Her lovely voice brought a tear to my eyes.

"Cabaret" (27 March - 7 April)
30 Accord Park Drive, COMPANY THEATRE
1 (781) 871-ARTS

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