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Reviewed by Tony Annicone

Theatre Company's latest show is "Belles". It is a comedy about the six Walker sisters scattered all around the country and their phone conversations. Directors Ron Pelletier and Mary Pesare use a black box set with six playing areas in different colors. They also have the actresses all in black with their own color set to keep the audience aware who is who. The first time directors do a wonderful job making the comic and dramatic moments mesh together so the audience can enjoy this well done show.

The eldest sister, Peggy, tries to keep the girls up to date on their Mama and her various illnesses and accidents. Each sister has a distinct personality whcih makes the show much more interesting. Ruth Waterman plays the kindly sister, Peggy who tries to get her siblings to come home to visit Mama. She uses a Southern lilt when she delivers her lines and she interacts well with the other actresses.

The second oldest sister, Anise is played by Donna Adamonis, the artistic director of Theatre Company. Anise is a very bitter, bitchy alcholic and Donna plays her perfectly. She has funny moments while she is guzzling booze from a bottle but it is the serious scene which remains with you. The most dramatic scene in the show is when Donna breaks down in tears while delivering a monologue on how she became the way she is while looking at a photograph of her mother. It is a beautiful and heartfelt moment and it shows what a talented actress Donna is.

Diane Tefft plays Roseanne, the wife of a minister who is leaving her. She plays the scorned woman beautifully, an especially funny scene is the conversation with the suicide prevention operator. Diane has a great Southern accent and wonderful line delivery. The daffy sister, Audrey who is a ventriloquist is played by Debbie Condit. She has some funny scenes with her dummy who she treats as a little boy and makes him talk to her sister on the phone. Debbie knows how to deliver her comic lines as well as some serious ones with Donna, too.

The younger sisters in the show are played by Cathy Mendonca and Jillian Rotondo. Cathy gets to play the New Age whacky sister, Sherrie who changes her name to Dust. She gets to be a wild and crazy girl who lets the audience laugh at her many crazy antics. Jillian plays the golfer sister, Paige who is interested in snagging a boyfriend on looks alone but eventually realizes the error of her ways. The interaction of these six women will definitely keep your attention throughout the evening. You will also enjoy the dessert buffet filled with cupcakes, eclairs, brownies, pizza and veggies with dip plus lemonade or coffee to quench your thirst. So go see "Belles" and enjoy the talented actresses and the excellent direction, too.

"Belles" (till 23 March)
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