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note: entire contents copyright 1996 by Jamie McGonnigal

"Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back!"

Created, Written and Directed By
Gerard Alessandrini
Costume Design By Alvin Colt
Wig Design by Stephen La Liberte
Lighting Design by Marc Janowitz
Sound Design by Matthew Agrell
Production Stage Manager:Ginger M. James
Musical Director:Catherine Stornetta
General Manager:Harriet Yellin
Associate Director/Choreographer
Phillip George

David Benoit
Lori Blalock
Neal Mayer
Robin Thompson

The newest installment of the smash hit, "Forbidden Broadway" has returned. Once more, it is playing at the Terrace Room in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Once again, Gerard Alessandrini some of the most unbelievable parodies, poking fun at today's theatre world.

This time around, they spare no one! From Madonna's film appearance as "Evita," to Faye Dunaway's unfortunate turn of events with Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Sunset Boulevard."

"Forbidden Broadway" is a collection of songs in which the lyrics have been altered to fit certain situations, making it a side-splitting evening of laughs. It has visited Boston several times, (each one, updated of course to keep up with current events). In fact in the past, it enjoyed a 6 1/2 stay here.

The cast includes David Benoit, Lori Blalock, Neal Mayer, Robin Thompson and Catherine Stornetta on the piano. In the intimate setting of the Terrace Room, no wrods or yolks are ever lost. But it is amusing to see the audience response to some of the newer (lesser known) material. In three months (if "Forbidden Broadway" is still playing), The "RENT" parodies will make much more sense, but right now, all people know about it is what they see or hear about it in the latest newspapers, magazine spreads, television news shows, internet information and radio you will find out in "seasons of Hype," and "This Ain't Boheme."

Some of the other victims of this edition of "Forbidden Broadway" include (but are certainly not limited to) Mandy Patinkin, Donny Osmond, Julie Andrews, Carol Channing, Alan Campbell and Nathan Lane. Although this productiondoes include a lot of "repeats" from former productions, it's well worth it to see not only the older stuff over again, but to see what they have in store for the latest in Broadway current events.

The cast is fantastic, portraying more characters than can be found in any three shows combined. Their versatility is magnificent. And they work together to make a hilariously scathing comment on the state of the theater today. I don't want to give any more away, but I will tell you that my favorite part of "Forbidden Broadway" is the end...and I mean that in a good way. It always leaves us with a sense of hope for the future of Broadway theater. <"forbidden Broadway Strikes Back!" is playing at the Terrace Room at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Performances are Tues-Fri @ 8 pm, Sat @ 7 & 10 pm, outlets, or by phone at 617.931.2787.

=-=-=-Jamie McGonnigal

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