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A Broadway Musical Revue

Reviewed by Don Gillis

"Broadway and Beyond"
Directed by Bert Silverberg
Musical Director Bert Silverberg

Piano: Janice Cook, John Norigian, Michael Jutras
Percussion: Michael H. Goldberg

Choreographer/Associate Director: Nancy Vitulli Donegan
Lighting Design and Technical Director: James Pless
Sound: Bruce Kalver
Costume Coordinator: Cathy Schmitz
Stage Managers: Shannon M. Taylor, Raymond E. Ouimette, Jr., Claire E. Healy

The Company

Amy J. Barlow, Joseph Carlone, Amanda Cook, Alaysha A. Cotton, Patrice DelPonte, Bethany L. Giammarco, Johanna Goldberg, Kelly B. Gordon, Melinda Hickey, Susan Johnston, Nishan Lawton, Kristin M. Lombardi, Keith R. Maia, Tammy Boatwright-Moore, Abigail Munro, Laurea Payette Osborne, Paula Parravano,Linda Petrosinelli, Amy Elizabeth Powell, Joseph Roch, Nicholas M. Scappaticci, Ronald C. Schmitz, Jr. Marina Stayevich, Don Therrien, Amber Walsh, Barbara Bianco, Matt Cavedon, Shannon Corey, Rebecca Custis,Matthew DeMello,Andrea M. Giorgi, Sarah Goldberg, Claire E. Healy, Christine Hopper, Krista J. Kramer, Ashley Nicole Ledoux,JoAnn Maccarone, Alison Marceau, Bridget Murphy, Kate Norigan, Gail DiOrio Paras, Lisa Pasonelli, Pamela Richardson Poniatowski, Steven Saritelli, Ron Schmitz, Sr, Terri Shaffer, Albert L. Skorupa, Christine Treglia, Diane Walsh-Kinner.

Cranston Community Theatre's "Broadway and Beyond", won my heart last night with segments of musical numbers from "Sweet Charity"," Wonderful Town", " West Side Story"," Carnival", "The Boys from Syracuse" and" Pippin". A company consisting of 49 members sang and danced their hearts out in this musical salute the above mentioned shows. The rousing "Rhythm of Life" number from "Sweet Charity" opens the show with enthusiasm, dazzling lights, costumes and wonderful voices!. Veteran director, Bert Silverberg, has done an outstanding job of putting together this musical revue( not to mention that he chose 4 of my all-time favorite musicals!.The choreography by Nancy Vitulli Donegan (assisted by Donna Treglia) was absolutely outstanding when you consider moving 49 people around a not-so very large stage.

Each segment consisted of four numbers from each show, with some excellent solo performances. Some of the performers and shows that really impressed me were: Keith Maia, Christine Treglio, Christine Hopper, (Sweet Charity), "The Conga" from "Wonderful Town" , and "Tonight Quintet", "Gee Officer Krupke", and "Somewhere" ("West Side Story"). "The Tonight Quintet" (which is probably the most difficult piece of music to put together well), was executed by the cast with ease. "Gee, Officer Krupke" consisted of 11 male cast members , with a standout performance, by Nicholas Scappaticci. "Somewhere" was sung by Nishan Lawton, an excellent baritone, with Bridget Murphy (whom I could have listened to all night!). Dancers Shannon Corey and Nicholas Scappaticci were impressive.

Act II began with "Carnival" and I really loved the costumes for this segment along with the was dazzling with the lighting and action. The musical numbers were executed with ease, and the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves more in this segment. "The Boys from Syracuse" was next on this musical journey, with a number I really enjoyed performed by Bethany Giammarco and Nicholas Scappaticci ("He and She") Also, Barbara Bianco was very good along with JoAnn Maccarone and Terri Shaffer in "Sing For Your Supper". The last segment was from "Pippin" and I really cannot pinpoint anyone here. The entire ensemble was just excellent in the four songs that they sang. I have to mention my favorite though.... "Corner of the Sky"...sung by Nishan Lawton. "Morning Glow" ended the show, sung by Bridget Murphy and The Company. If I did not mention your name, I want you to know, you were wonderful the entire cast and crew of Broadway and Beyond......YOU WERE GREAT!!!

"Broadway And Beyond" (till 24 August)
Phillips Memorial Baptist Church, 565 Pontiac Avenue, CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND

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