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Sticks And Stones

Reviewed by Beverly Creasey

Plays, or movies for that matter, about writers and writing aren't often successful, BUT just wait till you see "Bee-Luther-Hatchee" --- the name means a terror worse than hell. Thomas Gibbons' searing mystery (yes, it's a whodunnit!) is about a BOOK!.

Even if you've never wondered about William Styron's "Nat Turner" you'll be thinking about Gibbons' contention that words carry enormous weight. We all know that mother was wrong about that "sticks and stones" thing, but that's on a personal level. What about this world stage? Salmon Rushdie would have a few things to say about that. BUT Gibbons has written a distinctly American play about American issues --- like the legacy of slavery ---FOR OUR TIME...for what we feel is important in life...for what we feel is right... especially now with war looming in front of us.

Gibbons writes about the weight of words and beliefs with humor, suspense, and elegance. I can't tell you any more without giving away the mystery. I will just say that you'll be pondering what you would do to protect what you think is morally right.

You can see Zeitgeist's radiant production for the extraordinary performances alone: Director David S. Miller's cast (and his ingenious set)are what theater should be: engaging, provocative and thrilling. See Michelle Dowd's poetic performance as the luminous "drifting" spirit who drives the mystery; Peter Brown's breathtaking turn as a desperate man; Michael S. Miller as the flawed but caring Southern gentleman; Naeemah A. White-Peppers as the righteous defender of the faith;and Erica N. Ritton as a sparkling "chorus" of characters. Something magical is happening at the Boston Center for The Arts --- DO NOT MISS IT

"Bee-Luther-Hatchee" (13 September - 5 October)
The Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street, BOSTON, MA
1 (617) 426-2787

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