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Enchanted April


By Matthew Barber
From the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim  

Directed by Doug Sanders
Produced by Jen Roberts and Kristine Mackin  

The story of Enchanted April follows four women from post-WWI England as they are changed by the age-old beauty of the Italian coast.  Brought together by a newspaper ad, these women from different backgrounds seek more than just relaxation at San Salvatore.  They have all been dealing with loss in their own way while in England, but in Italy, they begin healing with help from each other and the magic of a beautiful country.  This is a warm-hearted play that although filled with humor, is primarily a character-driven story about people who have lost their way (and each other), and find their way back while on vacation.

Auditions will be held on Mar 17, 18, at 7pm with callbacks on Mar 20, at 7pm.  Auditioners can either prepare a 1-to-2 minute monologue (anything from early 20th century to contemporary comedies) or they can do cold readings from sides provided at the auditions.

All characters require a British accent, except for Costanza, who speaks in Italian.  Ages of all characters other than Mrs. Graves & Costanza are in the 25-50 range, they need only be consistent with each other. 

Lotty Wilton, a Hampstead housewife: Lotty is a dutiful wife, who has been feeling unsatisfied for a long time and dreams of a vacation in Italy to restore herself.  She is quirky, loving, soulful & open (in heart & mind).

Mellersh Wilton, Lotty’s husband, a solicitor: Mellersh is a self-involved, mostly unimaginative stolid man.  He is old-fashioned and strong-willed.  He is used to running his household with no complaints.  He is cautious, conservative, & socially adept.

Rose Arnott, a Hampstead housewife: Rose has locked her feelings up and she survives her loss by being religious and responsible.  She is estranged emotionally from everyone, and especially her husband.  She is lovely, but doesn’t know it.  She is conservative and cool, with previously-untapped wells of emotion.

Frederick Arnott, Rose’s husband, a writer: Frederick has gained some notoriety for his lurid histories of infamous figures, using a nom de plume.  He is artistic and yearns for a more open and understanding relationship with his wife.  Until then, he’s satisfied with party-hopping and hobnobbing with the rich.

Lady Caroline Bramble, a socialite: Caroline is lost, unhappy, and bored with the wild social scene in London.  She’s a beautiful woman who is tired of getting by on her looks alone and is seeking a life that matters.  She is pretty good with Italian.

Mrs. Graves, a London matron: Mrs. Graves has been living alone, with her “ghosts” for a long time.  She has expectations on how things are to be, and they give her comfort.  She is strict, disciplined & very old-fashioned.  She is not unkind, just afraid of moving outside her comfort zone.   She is good with “classical Italian”.

Antony Wilding, an artist: Anthony is the owner of San Salvatore, the castle that the women rent.  He is very attracted to Rose, and is not very subtle about it, although he remains polite.  He is warm & open, but still a little sad.   He is very good with Italian (since he’s lived in Italy off-and-on his whole life).

Costanza, an Italian housekeeper:  Costanza is boisterous, honest, opinionated, open-hearted & patient (at least relative to the British).  She speaks almost completely in Italian.

Auditions will be at the Abbott Memorial Theater, Joel’s Way, 9 Spring Street in Waltham, next to the Waltham Public Library right off of Main Street/Route 20.  Parking is available behind the theater building. Performance dates for Enchanted April are May 10, 11, 17, 18, 23, 24 & 25, at 8pm and May 19 at 2pm, 2013.


I know some of you are saying "why did Jerry send this to me? I'm not a woman..."  
OK, but you might KNOW some  great new woman playwright, and if so, please forward this message to her. This is a great time, a  beautiful setting, and  a wonderful way to highlight the area's talented ladies who write amazing plays. 
If you are interested in submitting a short play or monologue, please e-mail a WORD compatible document to us at

Divine StageWorks in Jamaica Plain MA
"Stoops" ("She Stoops to Conquer") audition details:
[ ]

These calls for open auditions/tech searches have come to The Theater Mirror via e-mail:

· Flat Earth Theatre seeks Sound Board Op
Flat Earth Theatre is seeking a volunteer sound op for our January production of Václav Havel's The Memorandum. No experience necessary, but must be capable of pressing buttons, paying attention, and hanging out with awesome people. Tech week is January 7th through 10th, and performances are January 11th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 18th, and 19th; board ops need to be available all of those evenings except for the 13th, which is a 2 PM matinee. Email
for more information or if interested.

Debra Wiess:

I will be putting on a pair of plays each 10-15 mins long in a theatrical & muscial event taking place in the Ruby Room of the Onyx Hotel in downtown Boston Sat pm Feb 9.  Each play has 1 male and 1 female character, and ideally I am hoping to find one set of actors who would be able to perform both plays I am to present.  The chars in both plays would need to be similar in age, in their late 20's to 40's. 
With two short plays to prepare I would like to cast and begin rehearsals as soon as possible. 
This is a new innovative venue-specific event that is planned to be the first in a series that would take place at the hotel, which we hope will lead to many opportunities for local actors and musicians.  The event is expected to have a lot of press so should give the actors involved some great exposure.  In addition, I hope to arrange for some possible profit-sharing or a stipend for all performers, though that is tbc for the moment. 
For now I am planning on directing.  Rehearsals are planned to take place in Boston, with as many as possible in the hotel space.  A rehearsal schedule convenient to everyone's schedule will be developed as soon as the project is cast. 
  Please get in touch with me via email at regarding interest or with any questions about the project.  And please do share this notice with others! 



Thu 12/20/2012 9:54 PM

The Woodsman
By Steven Fechter
Directed by Andrew Boncoddo
Produced by Nicole Sparks

Walter is a quiet man trying to live a quiet life.  Recently paroled after serving twelve years in the state penitentiary for an unspeakable act, he is forced to wrestle with the sins of his past and the uncertainty of his future.  As Walter delves deeper into his own mind and desires with the help of his therapist, his brother-in-law, and a tough-talking woman from work he must confront his demons and the idea of normalcy: what is “normal”?  Can he have it?  Does he want it?  The Woodsman gives the audience an unflinching glimpse into one man’s struggle for redemption and humanity in a world where some crimes are unforgivable.

There are roles for four men and two women.  One of the women is in her early teens.

Please note that this production addresses sensitive subject matter and adult themes.

We plan to coordinate with a trained therapist during the rehearsal process to consult with the actors and director on this challenging subject.  It is important to Hovey that everyone involved feel safe at all times.

Auditions will be held January 13th and 14th at 7pm. If necessary, callbacks will be held January 16th at 7pm.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Character Descriptions:
Walter (30s-40s) – Quiet, haunted, and locked in a constant struggle with his own demons.  On parole after serving a stint for child molestation, Walter is looking to regain some sense of a normal life…if he can figure out what “normal” is. 

Dr. Ira Rosen (40s-60s) – Walter’s court-appointed therapist. Unsure of his abilities.  Genuinely cares for Walter’s well-being but is suffering an identity crisis of his own.

Nikki (early 30s-early 40s) – Walter’s co-worker; a tough talker. Not afraid to make the first move. Her rough exterior hides insecurity and a desire to move on from past transgressions.

Carlos (30s-40s) – Walter’s brother-in-law and the only friend he has left. He feels a debt to Walter for the life he’s made for himself and his family. He is sympathetic to Walter’s struggle; he struggles with his own views on women and sex.

Sgt. Lucas (Late 30s-60s) – Walter’s parole officer. He’s seen it all. Not interested in Walter’s supposed “rehabilitation”. It’s only a matter of time until Walter strikes again; they all do. The world would be better if people like Walter never saw the light of day.

The Girl/Robin (11-13) – The Girl is a vision just out of Walter’s line of sight; a constant reminder of his demons.  Robin is a bright and friendly kid with a passion for bird-watching. A chance encounter with Walter in the park leads to a revelation about her and a moment of truth for him. Both roles will be played by the same actress.

NOTE: for the part of Girl/Robin, consent will be required from at least one parent or guardian in order to audition and again to be cast.  Parents/guardians are welcome to attend rehearsals provided they do not distract the actors and artistic staff.

Auditions will be at the Abbott Memorial Theater, Joel’s Way, 9 Spring Street in Waltham, next to the Waltham Public Library right off of Main Street/Route 20.  Parking is available behind the theater building.

Questions?  Email the director at


Of course, the best and most complete source for both Audition Calls and Tech & Director Calls is


Here's a quick list of auditions there during January alone:

Bye Bye Liver! The Boston Drinking Play --- The Pub Theater Company Cambridge, MA By Appointment
Anything Goes --- Seaside Productions Revere, MA 27 December
Treasure Island --- Americana Theatre Company Plymouth MA 28 Dec By Appointment
Baby --- Enter Stage Left Theater Hopkinton, MA 2 - 3 Jan
Bouncers --- Stickball Productions, Inc. Cambridge, MA 2, 3, 7 January By Appointment
Fame --- Performing Arts Center of Metrowest Framingham MA 2 & 3 January
Footloose --- Theatre with a Twist Inc. Acton, MA 5 & 6 January
Delusions of A Fame Whore --- Blasian Productions Boston, MA By Appointment
Five Women Wearing The Same Dress --- Burlington Players Burlington, MA 6 & 7 January
Jesus Christ Superstar --- Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts 6 January
Once on This Island --- MJ Entertainment Shirley, MA 6 & 8 January
Young Frankenstein --- WCLOC Worcester, MA 6 & 8 January
Such Times --- Heart & Dagger Boston, MA 7 & 8 By Appointment
A Midsummer Night's Dream (musical version) --- Easton Children's Theatre Easton, MA 8 & 9 January
Love Comics --- Ghost Light Players of MetroWest Marlborough, MA 8 & 10 January
The Sound of Music ---The Concord Players Concord, MA 9 & 10 January
Side by Side by Sondheim --- Arlington Friends of the Drama. (AFD Theatre) 10 & 12 January
The Sound of Music --- Franklin Performing Arts Company 12 January
Annie --- Spotlight Playhouse Haverhill, MA 13 & 14 January
The Woodsman --- Hovey Players Waltham, MA 13 & 14 January
Blithe Spirit --- Arts Alliance River's Edge Players Hudson, MA 14 & 16 January
The Seabirds --- Argos Productions Boston, MA 14 & 15 January
Chess --- The Longwood Players Cambridge, MA 15 - 17 By Appointment
The Bacchae --- Tubiforce Media Productions Cambridge MA 15 January
The Sound of Music --- Randolph Theater Company Randolph, MA 15 & 16
Romeo And Juliet --- The Lexington Players Lexington, MA 20 & 21 January
The Wizard of Oz --- SkyRise Childrens Theater Westborough MA 23 &24 January
On Golden Pond --- Wellesley Players Watertown, MA 28 & 29 January
The Unexpected Guest --- Milton Players Milton, MA 5 & 7 February
The Friends of Broadway --- SAMM Entertainment Sudbury, MA 6 & 7 February
The Tempest --- The Concord Players Concord, MA 9 & 10 February
Jesus Christ Superstar --- Turtle Lane Playhouse Auburndale, Ma 11, 12, 13 February


Please send any audition-calls to:

And break a leg all.......
===Larry Stark

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